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Latest news about China's space program and future missions

Latest news about China’s space program and future missions

While the world is linked to Void trying to find new balance Because of the sanctions against Russia and related responses, the China contact him space program. This is aimed at competing with the most advanced countries in this field. During 2022, there will be many innovations that will come from the East.

Reportedly CNSA Will aim to complete Chinese space station Tiangong Expanded size available. With the new units, astronauts will have more space and the new crews will be able to rotate in the coming months. This is not a fad in the strict sense of the word. Expeditions are already planned in road mapBut the Asian nation appears to be keeping its promises, which is not an imposed outcome. This is the latest information.

The latest information from China about the space program

starting right Chinese Space Station (CSS)according to the latest information, the astronauts in Shenzhou-13 . mission They will return to Earth in mid-April 2022. This will conclude the second manned mission aboard the CSS, the first which lasted about six months (Shenzhou-12 lasted about three months). There will then be two manned missions in 2022. This brings the total to 12 Chinese astronauts (three for each mission) on board. Tiangong Since its launch in 2021.

China space

As written above, the China It aims to complete the construction of the space station this year. Six missions will be planned (with and without crew): Tianzhou-4, Shenzhou-14, Wentianand Mengtian, Tianzhou-5, and Shenzhou-15. The continued development of the space telescope has also been officially confirmed Xuntian (structurally similar to Hubble) with a launch expected in 2023 or 2024. Remember that the peculiarity of this device is that it will rotate at a level similar to that of the CSS Allow repairs directly from space station (Hubble needed a space shuttle orbiting higher than the International Space Station.)

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In 2035, the development and construction of a new generation of geolocation infrastructure for the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) will be completed. The Long March Rocket 8 (with the unit that was Recently launched) will be one of the most important carriers for CNSA. This will be used to put a constellation of communication satellites into orbit and can have a launch rate of one every 7 days and about 50 launches a year. according to CNSA “It should be the most used missile by China”. but that is not all. The Next-Generation Cargo and Crew Transportation Rocket bound for Low Earth Orbit will also be partially reusable. Unfortunately, there are still no specific specifications for this version.


Chinese scientific research in space

It was also recently released study Which takes into account the analysis of dust found in the main asteroid belt. During this mission they will come samples taken From 2016HO3 Kamo`oalewa then head towards Comet 311P / PANSTARRS.

On Chinese site Dedicated to scientific research, new data has been published on the fourth lunar regolith sample taken from it Chang’e-5 In the second half of 2020. This will allow scientists from around the world to get a better understanding of our satellite (as well as compare it with data from the Apollo and moon missions).


It is also interesting to note how the . fileESA cooperate with the CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) for the Solar Wind Ionosphere Correlation Explorer mission, known as SMILE. Tests are still ongoing, but they are giving positive results and should allow the mission to begin before the end of 2024. This is actually only one “split” Why is China planning its future in space? Although there are countries that are more advanced in many respects, the Asian country takes one “the long term” Which may lead to a significant technological leap in the coming decades.

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