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“Germany is in recession, Italy is growing.  Reforms will ensure more stability” –

“Germany is in recession, Italy is growing. Reforms will ensure more stability” –

Minister Luca Sirianni, how could the Prime Minister fall into the trap of Russian comedians?
“A stupid joke from Putin’s propaganda.”

Will answers about Ukraine and migrants damage Italy’s credibility abroad?
“What Meloni said does not harm his credibility at all, nor the credibility of the government’s foreign policy.”

He admitted “fatigue” regarding Ukraine. Will support for Kiev weaken?
“No, the president reiterated that our foreign policy line has not changed.”

Is there a security problem at Palazzo Chigi?
“There are offices that are auditing. Something didn’t work.”

For the Democratic Party, Charter reform undermines the role of the head of state and dismantles Parliament. Is this correct?
“I recommend waiting for the final text before making any judgements. “We have committed to introducing direct election of the Prime Minister to achieve stability for governments and coherence between voting and the governments themselves, based on models found in all Western countries.”

In fact, direct election of the prime minister was only introduced in Israel for a short period.
“I was talking about cohesion and providing stability to governments.”

The Prime Minister is not convinced of the anti-coup solution. Will you focus on pure prime ministership?
“A point of synthesis has been reached between the strong presidential call to the right and the confrontation we had, both in the majority and with the opposition in March. This formula protects the role of Parliament, so that it is not overshadowed by the executive authority.”

If the goal is for citizens to vote for the prime minister, why include the possibility of a second, unelected prime minister?
“To prevent the existence of more technical governments like Monti’s government, which was not elected by Italians, or Conte’s government, who came to government as a complete stranger.”

Is the 55% bonus in the constitution exaggerated?
“For a prime minister to be directly elected, like a mayor, he must have a sufficient majority to govern. The technicians will decide whether to write it with a number or a principle.”

Aren’t you afraid that this reform will end up being rejected in a referendum, as happened with Berlusconi and Renzi?
“We are not afraid, and we are not reckless. Citizens want to choose their government. In Parliament we will seek everyone’s consensus, but if it comes to a referendum we are convinced that Italians will vote for it.”

GDP is stuck at 0.7%. Is the budget not investing enough in growth?
“No, look, before judging you should read the other partners’ numbers. Germany is in recession, while Italy is growing despite wars and bills.”

If it is true that the 103 quota on which Salvini relied is worse than Fornero, has he deceived voters about pensions?
“Pensions and taxes are the goals of the legislature, and there was no room to do everything. “The parties know that there will be time to implement the proposals.”

Unions prepare the stage. Was it wise to cut public employee pensions?
“There is no need for fuss, we have allocated 8 billion to workers in the public and health sectors and we are still ready for dialogue, but the cover is short. CGIL announced the strike before seeing its contents. CISL is more responsible. But no one will understand the general strike.”

Armored maneuver interrupts Parliament? For Russia, it is impossible to stop the modifications.
“No one intends to stop them. The majority limited themselves to giving a signal of seriousness and unity. “The opposition will have enough time to make its amendments.”

That they will fail immediately?
“They do their job and we do ours.”

Is the House another knowledge that you revealed?
“Imagine it’s a storm in a glass of water. We’re talking about second homes for rent, 1% of properties. It’s an asset that we’ve always defended, even when someone wanted to review estimates or provide some sort of capital.”