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General States of Economy in Ragusa: Comparison for the Relaunch of the Territory

General States of Economy in Ragusa: Comparison for the Relaunch of the Territory

He started the “General States of the Economy” in Ragusa, an event aimed at uniting the main players of the local economy, culture and society to discuss how to strengthen this community, often characterized by geographical isolation that created watertight partitions between different communities. Entrepreneurial and social initiatives. The event was promoted by the Economic Development Department of the Municipality of Ragusa and was hosted in the Chamber of Commerce hall.

Two-day goal

The Highline Region has always been an example of economic resilience, despite the challenges of geographic isolation and inequality it has suffered in recent decades. This event, organized by consultant Giorgio Massari, provides the opportunity to carry out a kind of “examination” of the current economic situation by involving local economic actors, public and private institutions, associations, unions and the sector of third-party organizations. The goal is to understand the path that can be followed to stimulate the development and progress of this community.

Growth path

In an era when economic challenges are more pressing than ever, Ragusa seeks to guide the city towards further growth. This event aims to provide new perspectives and ideas on how to address contemporary challenges. Dialogue between different economic and social actors in the region is key to identifying creative and sustainable solutions.

The Public Economy Mandate represents a unique opportunity in which the Ragusa community, made up of public and private enterprises, employers’ associations, trade unions and third sector organisations, comes together to reflect on their future. We continue this Saturday with the hope that the event will be an opportunity to gain inspiration, exchange ideas, and plan a better future for the community.

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