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"So he betrayed the Ukrainians": who gave the map of Azovstal to the Russians

“So he betrayed the Ukrainians”: who gave the map of Azovstal to the Russians

The accounts do not add up: what happened around and withinAzovstal steel mill After the cease-fire ordered by Putin, it made him believe that something unexpected and pro-Russian had happened. But first you have to take a small step back and return the tape to a file April 26 when the Kremlin announced That he would not attack the last remaining fortress in Mariupol with Ukrainian civilians and soldiers to defend themselves inside the inaccessible local bunkers that had saved them for about two months. “We have closed the Azovstal perimeter, we need another three to four days to complete the effortShoigu said.I think it is not recommended to attack the industrial area. I am requesting to cancel the planPutin urged this, but in reality, not everything went like this.

Electricity betrayal

At that point, even if it is true that most of the Russian soldiers left the combat zone, about two thousand soldiers remained to fortify the steel plant with Chechnya. Negotiations with the Ukrainian forces do not stop, they declare that they will never surrender and will remain in the Azovstal labyrinth. as he remembers RepublicOn May 1, some civilians were evacuated, but 1,000 Russians remained. The next day Happen or occur Something that is not part of the agreement: a new and heavy bombardment, very violent, perhaps the most powerful of all, but above all, the Russian soldiers managed to break through where they never could within weeks of the assault.

why? The explanation is trying to present it Anton GerashchenkoAdviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, who reveals how it could have been a electrician Ukrainian, a former steelworker, to provide Russian soldiers with the necessary and detailed information to penetrate even the most inaccessible and inaccessible areas thanks to the internal map of Azovstal. It is not known whether he was forced to save his life or wanted to betray the Ukrainians, but what Gerashchenko says is more than credible. In spite of everything, Putin leaves in his hand a bunch of flies because his army is unable to capture the last fighters of the Azov Battalion even with detailed information, so much so that they withdraw immediately afterwards.

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The situation in Azovstal

According to Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Verychuk, at least others 50 civilians They were successfully evacuated from the steel plant. “Today we were able to collect 50 women, children and elderly people from Azovstal. Tomorrow we will continue with the evacuations.”Vereshchuk said. On the other hand, Ukrainian officials previously stated that they could not comment on the evacuation of civilians from the Azovstal plant organized by the United Nations and the International Red Cross. On the other hand, the Russian media announced the evacuation of 25 civilians by two buses. As it enters the factory Zelenskywho said that all of Ukraine is working on “Diplomatic options“necessary for”Save our army who stayed in Azovastal“So far, in other evacuations that have affected the steel plant, the majority of women, children and the elderly have been rescued.