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Gasoline, with this legally prohibited trick, you can get it for free. All you need is a piece of rubber

Gasoline, with this legally prohibited trick, you can get it for free. All you need is a piece of rubber

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All you need is a small piece of rubber, and by knowing this technique you can create free fuel, even if it's not regular.

Expensive gasoline puts every motorist in a difficult situation every day. Those who are particularly affected are all motorists who travel on the road every day, even making long trips. Unfortunately it has been several months since then The cost of fuel does nothing but increase and extend costs.

There were times and places where gasoline It even exceeded 2.50 euros per litre. Fortunately, the trend went against the grain and there was a decline, until a new increase occurred in recent weeks.

In a scenario of this kind, it is inevitable that motorists will start thinking of the gods Methods that we can define as “alternative”So you can save even just a few euros on your car's fuel tank. So some scams are going crazy on the internet which we can define as not quite conventional. In short, not regular.

And in recent months there have been many Police inspections Motorists are also starting to check their tanks specifically due to the apparent increase in quite erratic behaviour. But he's not the only one.

Frying oil instead of gasoline

Some may find this hard to believe but it is the truth. The disproportionate increase in the cost of gasoline has prompted motorists to look for alternative solutions and obviously also for alternative fuels. Someone, improvising like a little chemist, started usingAnd frying oil inside your car's engine.

This is a practice that is not only impermissible, but extremely polluting. Exactly for this reason The police intervened by conducting specific checks and checking car fuel Stop at the checkpoint. However, others have learned the art of transporting gasoline.

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How to transport gasoline

One of the best methods is one that allows you to create pressure in the tank. You will need a jerry can, and two pieces of clear PVC pipe, one long enough. Then you place the tank on the ground near the tank opening, insert both hoses inside the tank and close the remaining space in the tank with a cloth to create pressure.

Blow into the shorter tube to increase pressure and make sure fuel passes through it. In short, it's a completely unconventional way to get fuel. Be careful not to get caught, this is against the law.