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He finds 40 thousand euros while renovating his house: immediately after the bitter discovery

He finds 40 thousand euros while renovating his house: immediately after the bitter discovery

An amazing discovery during a home renovation. And immediately afterward there was the bitter discovery of the man who would not give up.

Found during renovation – X of
Danny Alvarez

The amazing story of Tonio Piñeiro, the Spanish worker who did it Incredible discovery Which was not rewarded at all.

An incredible discovery without reward

There are many recent discoveries that give shivers or stimulate adrenaline. For example, one of these findings is the discovery of an uninhabited island that made whoever found it turn pale. Then there's the story of this Spanish worker, Tonio Pinheiro, who discovered something truly incredible while renovating his house. Despite this exciting discovery, the man was ultimately left empty-handed. We reveal to you that this man has been found 40 thousand euros.

Euro –

However, despite the amazing discovery, the worker could not enjoy this money at all. but why? The man had decided to renovate his house in Lugo, a town located in the northwestern region of Spain. During the renewalThe worker couldn't help but notice that something was glowing coming out of the walls. And so the amazing discovery happened.

He finds 40 thousand euros while renovating his house

This man who was renovating his house, at a certain point found something incredible within the walls of his house. We're talking about some Nesquik cans that he managed to knock out of the walls by hitting them with a hammer. Once this wall was demolished, the worker was able to remove the packages and open them. What he found inside was incredible. It was equivalent to 40 thousand euros. This is consistent because, unfortunately, those banknotes were not in euros, but in pesetas. the Peseta It is the old Spanish currency, which can be exchanged until June 30, 2021.

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Found during renovation
Alpezzitas –

However, it is unfortunate that the worker did not find the peseta earlier and only recovered it recently, when it could no longer be exchanged for euros. And that's exactly why this guy He left empty-handed. In fact, the worker in question was unable to recover this lost money forever due to timing issues. The old lira, as we well know, can no longer be exchanged for the euro for many years, while the peseta can still be exchanged even in 2021. But unfortunately, the Spanish worker did not have time and could not do anything other than keep the old lira. The peseta without being able to spend it. Naturally, his story revolves around the world. It is the true example of bad timing and bad luck that did not bring the worker wealth. He wouldn't get rich but this money would definitely come in handy.