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Car tax, now with a cylinder capacity of less than 2800, is no longer paid: practically free for everyone |  The law was approved

Car tax, now with a cylinder capacity of less than 2800, is no longer paid: practically free for everyone | The law was approved

Abolish the hateful tax

A law that will please many motorists, with a cylinder capacity of less than 2800 you no longer have to pay, and here's why.

Everyone who owns a car should Compliance with certain laws Which is not just related Behavior required to be implemented on the street. In fact, to be able to drive a car completely safely, you must do the following: Review periodicallythe maintenance If the car needs it and has it all documents related to the vehicle At the base.

Among the latter there is someone who is Hated by most drivers (Not to mention everyone else), and she Car tax. The tax (or car tax) is a regards which must be paid Residence area And you have to pay Independently Of use More or less frequent than average.

In other words, you have to pay the car tax even if the car is never used because it is Tax on car ownership And not to use it. In addition to the reality of existence Particularly expensivefact You should pay it regardless It makes the car tax the tax most hated by all drivers.

We've been talking about this for several years Cancel it permanently It makes a lot of people's dreams come true, but no one has done anything concrete about it. At least not yet because according to one Specific law we can Avoid paying Car tax if we have the car With the displacement of less than 2,800.

Goodbye car tax

In detail, we can say goodbye to the hated car tax if we own a car with it Displacement is less than 2000 cc (gasoline) S Less than 2800 cc (diesel). But the exemption from motorists’ tax also applies to other types of cars, namely: hybrid no electricity. However, this exemption does not only apply to certain vehicles, but also to certain persons.

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In fact, those who can benefit from the car tax break are People with disabilities More or less serious or i Guardians And who takes care of them and who bears them at their expense. In these cases it is possible to request an exemption from car tax Exclusively for one car.

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How to say goodbye to him forever

How to request an exemption

If you are a person with a disability or you are the guardian and guardian of a person with a disability and if you own a vehicle with an engine capacity not exceeding 2800 cc, you can do this Request for exemption from motorists’ tax. To follow this order, you can choose two different methods.

You can request car tax exemption from the comfort of your home by logging in via Speed, C.E s The central nervous system To the sites personal area From different regions and submit an application or you can go personally to ACI regional units. since Car tax is a regional taxFor more detailed information, it is recommended to refer to the websites designated for this purpose Your area of ​​residence.