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Gasoline below cost: With this trick to pay less there is no competition |  Everyone goes to get supplies here

Gasoline below cost: With this trick to pay less there is no competition | Everyone goes to get supplies here –

Anyone would like to face the prospect of not paying so much for gasoline and saving fuel: but this is always possible, and in fact, often, if it happens, it is illegal.

This is certainly a very historic stage Sensitive and painful For those who ride a car or, in general, use motorized transportation to get around: for clarity a reason

As you can imagine, in reality, it is meincrease in fuel costs, Which led to a significant increase in the prices of gasoline and diesel (but not only). Harmful For each one of us.

Just think about it and remember the prices that were being charged to distributors until just a few years ago, or anyway, just read those prices The current exposed to the pumps.

One can realize this immediatelyIncredible level which they reached the pricesThe ceiling, moreover, is constantly being raised. Why?

Fuel scam, that's how the cost is very low

Those who are already experiencing difficulties due to the rising prices that have hit citizens and their pockets in all areas and in every field, end up living penniless, or at least Going to suffer. Therefore, often, not being able to face fuel costs in daily life, the real alternative is Do not move the car, e To do this on foot or use public transportation.

Who can't? Who still has to take Machine? This is why saving gasoline is a distant dream, and it is also the reason why certain cases, Like red herrings, they do nothing but attract citizens like flies to sugar.

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Gasoline fraud, what the authorities discovered

As it happens, for example, in the case of Gas Less cost, than with a trick Hidden was offered on economic terms for drop Hence tearing a race: Everyone wants to pay less for gasoline, which is why those who offer it at lower prices inevitably have an advantage. Some were able to reduce the cost through Evasion of value added tax Selling fuel at below cost.

TRUE scam By which he was defeated authorityWhich led to arrests, seizures and a series of investigations of a large number of people and companies as well. benzeneA, imported from abroad, pHe audited VAT evasion to the tune of millions, which would have allowed invoices to be issued in record numbers.