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Verisure fined €4 million: How did it deceive customers?

Verisure fined €4 million: How did it deceive customers?

Verisure was fined €4 million. the reason? He cheated his clients. Here's what happened, all the details.

Among the most famous companies operating in Italy, One cannot fail to mention Verisure. Which has been working in the security sector for some time, with techniques for installing alarms in homes and businesses. The latest generation which allows customers to enjoy advanced features, such as remote management.

Verisure fined more than 4 million euros and here's why –

However, recently, there was one for the giant Decision issued by AGCM Very harmful. In fact, it appears that the company has been fined A fine of 4 million and 250 thousand euros. The reason will take into account the customers themselves who may be deceived for some time. Here's how, be careful because you might also be a victim of the system in question.

Verisure deceives customers: fine reaches more than 4 million euros

A very heavy fine This is equivalent to more than 4 million euros And some time Verisure will be asked to pay. AGCM objected to the entire matter, according to which the trademark was infringed The four rules of consumer law. Questioning consumer confidence and creating great concerns among authorities.

All the reasons that led to the fine being imposed on Verisure –

Among the main charges we find Misleading communications Which have been used with TV commercials, billboards and website ads. Without clearly stating that signing the contract does not mean in any way Purchase alarm systems.

They are provided on a free loan for use. Another reason is Hostility while withdrawing the contract, which is often complicated by delays and bills that keep arriving after the service is terminated, as Tecnoandroid also reported. Added to all this Automatic activation of the service Indeed when signing the contract, without obtaining the express consent of the consumers.

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All of them are fairly serious reasons, which means that customers have been unable to act in any way in terms of legal rights. Not present at first I didn't even understand what was happening. Now we will see how Verisure will respond to these accusations, if it decides to do so. Or if he instead pays the fine imposed, he must change his method of work Whether on the communicative or practical level to activate the service.