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Game of Games, a scintillating look at Ventura: pays homage to Britney Spears

Game games Came back at prime time Rai2 And the thing that left us the most silent is Ventura lookWho gives a tribute to Britney Spears. After temporarily suspending the program (Because of the low ratingsSimona wanted to make a unique show: A. Very young look And really special of its kind.

Tanti I Excellent guests presentThat doesn’t disappoint all expectations: Da Message window a Melita Toniolo, The show is not a pure innovation, the classic games are eventually returned. However, he did have fun, and that’s exactly his goal: there was no shortage of moments dedicated to him General knowledgeWith great curiosity of the attendees.

The great power of Running Ventura It’s his spontaneity: he has already proven it throughThe famous island, but with Game games, It showed no signs of abating. After all, it is part of the school of the past, from that class of conductors who always respect the guests and with great grace and charm.

Between the jokes, the drawings and above all the fun competitions, the evening was not entirely a failure, quite the opposite. There were many hilarious moments, especially those of Marco Carta and Melita Toniolo, who did not spare themselves and who participated heavily, in the whole spirit of the show.

But, in the end, what we’ll remember this evening is exactly the Ventura look: fresh, original, Something different from the usual clothes. Nothing excessive, it is simply the same: it Simon It is over the years that we have learned to love and appreciate. She dared, but decisively, without being taken for granted, and we couldn’t expect anything else from her. A sparkling dark green suit with puff sleeves and a Spears shirt to enhance it: Shiny flat shoes for a shiny look, just like her personality.

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Finally, we must add that this honor Britney Spears It cannot and must not go unnoticed: an icon from the early 2000s, Britney represented pop music. This is what Game games Finally, it aims to: a Pop game, With references to the past and Ventura to pull the strings.

Simona Ventura's look

Simona Ventura, Game of Games appearance on Instagram