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Full rooms and first dives.  Traffic came to a standstill and it was a race against time to set up factories

Full rooms and first dives. Traffic came to a standstill and it was a race against time to set up factories

A taste of summer on the Romanian coast between free beaches under attack, first dives, sunbathing and bathing establishments are still a work in progress. From Ostia to Frigine, via Fiumicino, and further south, from Torvaianica to Anzio and Nettuno, the coast was occupied by Romans fleeing the capital. Heavy traffic leaving the capital, with cars queuing through Colombo, Ostends and Del Mare. Difficulties in Pontina too for the early sunbathers who besieged the more fashionable beaches of Sabotia and San Felice Circeo. Traffic on roads connecting to the sea came to a standstill since midnight due to higher than seasonal average temperatures that reached 30 degrees at lunch time. Heavy traffic leaving the capital, with cars queuing through Colombo, Ostends and Del Mare. An encore is expected today. With selling establishments and restaurants.


There were also difficulties in Pontina for early sunbathers as the road from the construction area to Castel de Decima was stuck for an hour narrowly before reaching the beaches of Sabadia and San Felice Circeo. In Ostia, parking on the long seafront was a challenge as parking restrictions were in place to allow some work to be carried out. Traffic problems also occurred on internal roads where no “hole” could be found to leave the car. In addition to filling the beaches, beach restaurants were sold out on summer Saturdays.
A dress rehearsal considering the official start of bathing season which starts in a couple of weeks. The free beaches in the center from Piazzale Magellano to Piazza Sirio are “conquered” by hundreds of bathers, who arm themselves with towels and umbrellas and lie down to soak up the first sun of the season. Many, especially boys, bathed, played water volleyball, and many windsurfers trained by sailing in the ocean.
The seaside restaurants are famous for the classic fried fish or a glass with spaghetti, which is definitely a must-eat outside and they sell out. Even the most fashionable bars have been taken by storm, with late morning breakfasts and aperitifs especially to be enjoyed outdoors in Piazza Anco Marzio and on the beach. A river of families invaded the streets of the tourist harbor to browse among boats built in search of some VIPs. Even the ship stormed off where there was no dearth of romantic selfies with its back to the sea.
Especially at sunset. All morning Lit and Romanians were entertained by the music of Enzo, the guitarist who has now become the star of Pontile. A wise man, always with a smile on his lips, never expects anything from those who stop listening to him. “His fans say that if someone left him a few coins, he would always thank him very politely.” With the arrival of sun and heat, the street vendors also returned, displaying beach towels and sarongs on the balustrades, in addition to the balls, toys and sunglasses that occupied the beach floor. Many Romans and people from Lido preferred the pine forest to the sea.

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After long runs and walks with the dogs, groups of kids challenge each other with the traditional game of soccer before going on improvised field trips, sandwiches and beer. In the meantime, bathing establishments are completing the finishing touches to welcome customers from May 1, the official start of the season, although not forgetting the problems associated with erosion, especially in the south of Ostia and Frige. Some will open earlier, taking advantage of the April 25 long weekend, but they will only do so if monitoring at sea by baywatches is warranted. While the cleaning of sidewalks, bathrooms and showers in Ostia is still delayed, work is also being carried out on the free beaches. However, in Fiumicino, the first screening of free beaches was completed.

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