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Prisoners of Superbonus: “We haven't been able to open the windows for two years”

Prisoners of Superbonus: “We haven't been able to open the windows for two years”

Residents of the building at Corso Reggio Fargo 24 have been unable to open the windows of their apartments for two and a half years. Due to superbonus. Or better. Due to the company starting work in September 2021. Scaffolding was erected only to stop everything in January 2022. The tenants are then forced to live with a huge scaffolding that prevents them from opening windows and hides some signs shops. The story told today by the In Turin publishing house Corriere della Sera Starting with new energy. At the intersection of Via Pisa and Via Messina there is a sign: “Work starts on 1/9/2021. Duration: 120 days”. Condominium executive Massimo Oberto said the company proposed to carry out the facade works: “Then they disappeared from January 2022. The condominium decided to sue. I reported them on a personal basis.”

“The works are critical because the building has leaks,” he adds. Now some tenants have balconies surrounded by scaffolding. And in the kitchens a metal bar prevents the windows from opening. “Now the judge has authorized the removal of the scaffolding. But who will carry it? And who will pay the costs?”, they ask. Each of them gave money: “Work stopped. From that moment, daily fighting began for the house. There were people with iron bars on the windows. In case of emergency, we would be trapped.” Even commercial enterprises have problems. With signs and attendance: “A few months ago we removed a piece of scaffolding at our own expense,” says the owner of Gandhi Restaurant. “However, part of the window is still closed. And it's bad for us,” he concludes.

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