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From the autumn court, the tennis and fitness area of ​​Michelangelo

From the autumn court, the tennis and fitness area of ​​Michelangelo

There were pros and cons. In fact, that didn’t elicit a bit of indignation cut eleven trees, who are over 50 years old, in the area where the Michelangelo Tennis Center is located, in San Polo Parco, as part of the redevelopment project promoted by the municipality. For many residents who took refuge in the neighborhood council, killing was not the only possible solution, let alone the preferred solution.

certainly public evening Held in the Civic Hall of Cascina Aurora on Raffaello Street, at the request of CDQ, it was well attended and from a certain point of view dispelled the previous confusion. Thanks to project explanations, in the case of advanced implementation, provided by board members Michela Tiboni (City Planning) E Walter Mosheti (Urban Renewal) Guests of the gathering.

Regarding the project in question, Francesco Tomasini, President of CDQ, immediately clarified that “our role in this case is almost completely irrelevant. In fact, Cdq was never involved in any way in planning the interventionA complaint was also received from several members of the San Polo Barco Council.

back To the works that will make the Michelangelo new After more than seven years of neglect, the structure owned by the municipality was entrusted to management for 35 years to Gem Sport srl in Brescia which submitted a €1.4 million restructuring plan, providing for the construction of four padel fields. , multi-sports court, tennis court with artificial turf, soccer field, outdoor fitness area, as well as children’s play area and new changing rooms (work in progress) with The full factory is expected to open by the end of October.

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“As for the trees that are cut down – Commissioner Mosheti explained – they will be planted in greater numbers to increase the greenery. We want a center that is open to everyone and socially active“.

The task of the consultant Tiboni is to determine the immediate future of business in the Poliambulanza area: as part of the extension of the sanitary facility, the construction site will begin construction of a bicycle / pedestrian path connected to the metro station, with New car park for ten campers. “More space and comfort also for those who use the metro and for those who are going to Polyambolanza without expanding the existing parking lots.”