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HD1, probably the most distant galaxy ever seen

HD1, probably the most distant galaxy ever seen

He would have been born when the universe was “only” 330 million years old and It could be the most distant galaxy ever seen. Astronomers call it HD1 (The red dot of the opening image), but it remains to be discovered and verified, because the true nature of the cosmic thing is shrouded in mystery. In short, history is full can Based on Selfbut it’s not a bit great.

According to two new studies the potential galaxy It could be 13.5 billion light-years away (Some doubts about scaling should also be dispelled), a record slightly higher than the current one From the galaxy GN-Z11 observed in 2016 by the Hubble telescope It is 13.39 billion light-years away. Discover HD1 is Thanks to the many telescopes Space and Earth, including NASA’s Spitzer and Japan’s Subaru, one of the telescopes at the Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii.

The fact that the body looks incredibly shiny under UV rays makes scientists inclined towards it two hypotheses:

  • be it a interstellar galaxy Which generates stars ten times faster than usual
  • It’s rather huge Black hole Which feed on gas and dust, which is why they produce a lot of light

To fix puzzle elements, dispel doubts and ascertain what and how much HD1 is, Other data is needed. According to Michael Brown, an astronomer from Monash University in Australia who was not involved in the study, James Webb Space TelescopeNASA gem Launched into space in late Decemberwill be able to review HD1 and answer many outstanding questions.

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