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From baseball to ice hockey, New York and sports culture

From baseball to ice hockey, New York and sports culture

In the United States of AmericaIn addition to history and tradition, the Sports Worldwhich has become effective An integral part of the culture American. She plays many sports; Indeed, compared to Italy, for example, its importance and the importance of physical education is clearly encouraged since adolescence.

Let’s go together to discover the hottest and most popular sports, from Baseball in New York City until you getice hockey. However, let’s first see some history of the so-called big appleor the big apple, the city of skyscrapers is really famous all over the world.

New York, history

According to tradition, the roots of New York City go back to the distant past 1613, from a small Dutch settlement on the island of Manhattan. In ancient times his name was, in fact, New Amsterdam In English, New Amsterdam In Dutch, it means “New Amsterdam”; to be adopted asNew York‘, that by saying New YorkIn the 1664 From the British who apparently bought it for only $24 in honor of James II, Duke of York.

Today is located in East Coast of the USA, in a somewhat northern location. It is divided into bin five big provincesPopular all over the world: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, State Island and Bronx. Over time it has gained a position of “strength” in various sectors, thus becoming one of the metropolis bigger andforefront.

It has become the seat of important institutions such as the United Nations; Received the name of the capital of global finance thanks to Wall Streetan eight-block avenue in the financial district of Midtown Manhattan, New York, where everything else is world stock exchanges.

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It does not end here. It is among the most Highly populated In the United States it is also the largest city multiracial compared to others. Different populations and different cultures coexist in the same area, which also leads to different uses, customs and traditions.

As said at the beginning, New York is also famous for sports, some of which are practiced in it high levels Some teams have reached important heights that have become well known abroad. Let’s see different sports together, some unfortunately don’t exercise In Europe or in our country, but certainly a lot compelling to look at her.


This is a clear example of what has just been said, baseball is one of those sports that is not very popular in our country in particular, compared toAmerica and forAsia Where you find a wide area and spread widely. Although little known in Europe, it is practiced in many areas in the rest of the world and by so many athletes that it turns out to be One of the most practiced sports in the world.

Each team participates in a competition Major League Baseball He plays at least 160 games a year, which is an exorbitant number. Moreover, the MLBor the competition just mentioned, one professional league Baseball in North America. The Championship number one to the world thanks to the impeccable technical level of the players.

Therefore, there will almost certainly be at least one game during your stay in New York. Among the most famous and popular teams is Team New York Yankees. A Major League Baseball club, both based in the Big Apple New York Mets. It’s good to know that tickets for teams at this level must be purchased in advance.

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This is among The most popular sport. The National Football League attracts the attention of a large number of visitors at every match. In the tournament we just mentioned, American football is played, which is a sport Originally from the United States, the same country in which it has become the most popular and most followed competitive activity since the 1970s. Attention, not to be confused with ours footballSo with football. They are two completely different games, and the first difference not to be confused is that in Italy you play with your feet, and in America you play with your hands.

In fact, theGoal Who is the American who Get the ball to hit in the so-called end zone subordinate opponents As many times as possible. Among the rules, there is the rule that the teams have a specific time for performing this action, which is 15 minutes.

We define again. American football, as we mentioned, differs from Italian football because it uses the hands, but in turn Different from rugbyanother sport in which hands are used, for rules of the game and also for equipment, although American football has evolved as if it were a different kind of English rugby.

between Differences exist The dimension and the appearance subordinate a ball: in America it is smaller and not fully rounded; In the FootballRather, it is Larger And the round And above all, it can only be played in reverse, in football it can also be pushed forward. In American football, as in Italian football, the team consists of 11 players; Different rugby which, on the other hand, are available 15 players.

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Basketball can be considered as The third most popular sports in the United States. The National Basketball Association, commonly known as NBAIt is the most sought after professional league by many players around the world. American basketball stars are known all over the world and made the history of this sport. The difference The most famous and famous is Los Angeles Lakers Which New York Knicks.

The sport has also had great success, as we just mentioned, to the fame of many teams and many players in the rest of the world. In fact, many visitors, whether they are fans of the sport or not, are too Impressed who is she athletesWith their skill, technique and professionalism. This is also thanks to the fact that Basketball It’s a sport practice in different parts of the earth. in ItaliaIn fact, it is the second team sport in terms of fans and members, right after football.

ice hockey

Ice hockey could be one of the most popular sports in the United States of America. Although you do not play with the ball, as in other sports, because you use discfollow vigorously and enjoy Excellent fans. The origins From this sport that spread in both Europe and Italy as well Canada Which, in fact, holds the record for owning it win – win many World Championships Since the sport was introduced at the World Championships in 1920.