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From Adolfo USSR to Adolfo d’Arabia, minister’s dramatic transformation on his way to Riyadh

From Adolfo USSR to Adolfo d’Arabia, minister’s dramatic transformation on his way to Riyadh

Minister yesterday Adolfo USSR It changed Adolf of Arabia And on behalf of the Meloni government, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Investment of Saudi Arabia, represented by Minister Khaled Al-Balih, and the Ministry of Made in Italy. With the opening of the first Italian-Saudi investment forum in Milan, 1,200 participating companies, including Bin Salman, Mayor Pepe Salah and large state-owned companies. “Saudi Arabia represents a great opportunity for our businesses – declared Minister Urso – while Saudi companies are more interested in coming to invest in Italy. In this context, I believe that the activity of the Italian-Saudi Business Council can produce more concrete results.

The former head of the development ministry says he wants to resist Multinational companies, but yesterday he said he was in the process of handing over public companies to the Saudis. So after giving Ita to the Germans, let’s change Invitalia to Inviaarabia. But Urso wants to bring Saudi funding into the Italian sovereign fund that the minister invented months ago, but this must be voted on by parliament in October. It will be laughable when Italy’s brothers and other majority parties sign up.Saudi’s bloody hands”.

Already yesterday at the press conference, the question asked to the minister was missing: “So, is Renzi right to aim to get closer to Saudi Arabia?”. Urso answered shyly: “I invite you to see the truth”. So let’s see the reality of what Urso wrote in 2019: “Matteo Renzi takes Italiaviva to the realm of the dead. At the Davos of Arms, he praised Saudi Arabia for the Sunni coalition bombing hospitals and schools in Yemen. He must have asked what happened to Khashoggi. Surely Urso would have asked him in his meeting with Bin Salman yesterday. In fact, it was he who intervened in the Senate for Brothers of Italy in 2018 and asked the Italian government to condemn Saudi Arabia: “I condemned in the Senate the silence of the Italian government, which has been outraged for more than twenty days. No statement has been made about the world mounts. All the European partners, Russia and the USA intervene, but the Italian government remains silent! Unreliable, lazy, ignorant, incompetent. We remember KhashoggiMartyr of truth and freedom”.
Adolfo d’Arabia may have lost his memory today, but it’s nice to change your mind for the better, despite the pillars they’ve built for others for signing today.

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