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Friends, new projects for Giulia Stabile: she will have her own show

It seems to be a golden age for Julia Stabil: Dancer winner of the latest edition of friends, He continues to surprise everyone with his talent. The young woman, who triumphed over the spectators with her superhuman skills and compassion, is ready for a new challenge, a challenge his own programme.

After all, Julia was one of the students lovable From the School of Talent: He was able to engage audiences – even those far from the world of dance – with his exceptional interpretive skills, conquering everyone with his personality and infectious laughter.

For this Maria de Filippi He wanted her badly in his stable, which gave her a great opportunity: she is a New project produced by Fascino PGT In fact, a new message appeared on the social pages of Witty Tv: “There are people who ‘deserve’ sometimes a water balloon and you, who would you like to do it for? Write to us at faiungav[email protected], Julia Stapel is ready to help you!”.

In the video, a girl calls the young dancer to make water balloon To her boyfriend so focused on himself, bent to admire his muscles the sedentary then answers the call amused, and the boy pours a bucket of water while he, unaware, sunbathes on the chaise longue.

At the moment, they don’t know each other Other program detailsBut in the meantime, the adhesions have already begun for anyone who wants to make a water balloon with the complicity of a cute dancer. It can be a web-oriented, light-duty project ideal for summer and intended for a young and young audience.

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for every Julia Stabil It’s a new adventure after winning the latest version of friendsIn fact, the young woman announced that she still wanted to devote herself to dancing and that she would soon take a trip abroad, to Los Angeles, to master her studies. In the meantime, it seems that he has already backed the auditions for the next edition of Maria De Filippi’s talent, which for years has received the best graduates In the professional crew.

In fact, there are many who hope to see Julia on the show as well Veronica Piparini, in a recent interview, had commented on the possibility of his entry among professionals: “I wish him so, if he wills. Now I can’t say yet if he will know soon. She has all the credentials, she is a good dancer.”