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Friends, Elijah reveals his dream: two of his former comrades have something to do with the dream!

Friends, Elijah reveals his dream: two of his former comrades have something to do with the dream!

Elijah, a former student of Amici di Maria De Filippi, 23rd Edition, reveals in an interview something he would really like to see happen in his future…

Friends of Maria De Filippi It doesn’t stop: Now the twelfth episode in the afternoon is a memory and everything is ready for the thirteenth episode. The public is eagerly waiting to know the fate of many students like Lil Julie. The singer, in fact, He will go to the challenge at the request of his mentor, Rudy Zerbi. The teacher wants to see something special from the girl and wants her to show him how much she cares about being in the main network school Mediaset. However, in the meantime, we have ways to better get to know the student who had to leave the program, but was so loved: Elijah.

Friends, Elijah would like to work with other students

Elijah He’s happy: he’s been able to connect with everyone on the show Channel 5. Although there was an eight-year gap with some people, and there is no doubt that there were students with whom a closer relationship developed than others, it can be said that each of them had a special friendship. However, there are two people Elijah has discovered that he also has a great working relationship with: we’re talking about Gaia and Lil Julie. As superguidetv also reports, in fact, The dancer expressed his desire to work with them in the future.

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Ilya says working with Jaya will be great The two see dance in the same way and have the same approach. The young man reveals that he actually thought about proposing something to her, but didn’t mention it until the dancer finished her trip. But the former student He also wants to combine singing and dancing, and since he really appreciates Angela’s interpretations, he would be happy to participate in the video for one of her upcoming singles.

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