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Fidesz report on the Iovino case, caught on camera: “But what a massacre, I was not there”

Fidesz report on the Iovino case, caught on camera: “But what a massacre, I was not there”

toCesare Jose

The cameras that filmed the beating would frame the rapper when he tried to hit Iovino. “And after three days he was dancing.”

On the morning of Monday 22 April, when Milan woke up to Serie A fever, a crime report signed by the Carabinieri was handed over to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. It is an account of what happened a few hours ago on Via Traiano, at Citylife and at the “The Club” disco at Largo La Foppa. There is a name on the document: Federico Leonardo Lucia, born in Milan on October 15, 1989.. It is this act that the Carabinieri investigators reported (technically “referred”) the rapper Fidesz to the judicial authorities.

The alleged charge is “Quarrel”. A crime that can be prosecuted, without the victim having to report the beatingthat Cristiano Iovino, who is directly in front of the army, says about him Not wanting to file a complaint. He is in pain (he has a cut in his eyebrow and various bruises) and is secretive. When the police come to his apartment with 118 rescuers, he doesn’t want to talk. He only says he was “attacked by strangers” and talks about “an altercation that happened at the club.”. As for the rest, he will record it in the record, and he will say it in the end “after consulting with his lawyer.”

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Attack movie

It’s a seemingly vague reference to the club. But they are crucial details because when carabinieri Question two security guards From the “Parco Vittoria” complex in Via Traiano, who raised the alarm to 112 as soon as they saw the beating, They mentioned Fedez’s name right away. They recognized him: “He was with him.” 8-9 people, Included blonde girl» (In this article: Who is Ludovica De Gresi, the girl who was with Fedez at the club?).

Pictures from the complex’s cameras They filmed part of the beating in YovinoAnd show how The first to approach To the victim as soon as he got out of the black truck parked in the middle of the intersection with Beititi Road, He’s the rapper himself. Fedez confronts Iovino and it appears from the videos that he tries to hit him with two punches, blows that the personal trainer avoids by stepping back. But he only has time to mention the reaction of two of Fidesz’s comrades to him.

Ultras and threats

Among these, as now defined, are: Also the Rossoneri curve ultras. According to testimonies, there were two other people with Yovino. It’s unclear whether there’s a reaction on their part when the action moves out of camera range. When the Carabinieri arrives via Traiano, In Iovino’s house they also found the former men’s and women’s tronesta Sasà Angelucci.

The two guards record this after the brutal beating Some of Fedez’s comrades approached the guardroom menacingly“Mind your own business, and don’t contact anyone.” Checks start at the “Club”. Also because someone talks about a phone date and an exchange of messages between the rapper and the victim. This is how we find out An argument in the private room – that evening Fedez was a special guest as a DJ – broken glasses and the intervention of bouncers Which alienated first Iovino single-handedly and then the entire Fedez group, including Ludovica Di Gresy, the Rossoneri-ultrà’s bodyguard Christian Rosiello, the rapper Taxi Bi and other elements of Curva Sud.

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The rapper’s reaction

The police, while waiting to identify the others, decided so The only person recognized with certainty, Fidesz, denounced it. The file was entrusted to Public Prosecutor Michela Borderie. Yesterday, after twenty days of silence The rapper spoke From the book fair in Turin Before a mental health meeting. He attacked the press“I wasn’t there and from what I read from the camera it seemed like you couldn’t see anything because it was dirty from the rain. There is talk of 9 people who slaughtered the person, all of them from the Milan ultras. The person is attacked, and the ambulance arrives but is not taken to the hospital. Everyone talks about a massacre, but if this person was not taken to the hospital, there is no medical report and he did not report it, then what are we talking about? They told me that three days later he was in Ibiza dancing. “If it weren’t for my name, there would be no news.”.

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