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Household income, OECD denies Meloni: No record growth

Household income, OECD denies Meloni: No record growth

Unlike standard growth, that is Italian household income decreased more. prime minister Georgia Meloni She was very convinced of that and who knows if she still is. “Household disposable income, according to the OECD, in Italy has increased six times the average increase in other countries,” he wrote in his X account on February 12, 2024. He repeated this on the same day in an interview Tg5He said it again six days later during an election rally in SardiniaHe announced this on February 23 while he was a guest on Door to doorThen on March 5, during a massive march Abruzzothen on March 7 guest broadcast Front and backThen, on March 19, he guest-hosted Agora And on the same day Senate.

The Prime Minister repeated everywhere that household income in Italy is growing more than anywhere else. The OECD sees it falling in 2023 by 0.4%.

On May 7, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published data on real household disposable income, updated to the third quarter of 2023, debunking government propaganda. As Pagela Politika explains, this indicator takes into account the inflation trend and indicates the total income of individual households, net of taxes and social contributions. Watermelon He was slyly referring to data published by the OECD between July and September 2023 according to which household income in Italy increased by1,4 percent compared to the previous quarter, while it decreased on average among OECD countries 0,2 percent.

However, the Prime Minister failed to put the OECD data into context: for example, she implied that the increase had been recorded throughout the period that she was head of government and that it was also due to the recent budget law, which was approved at the end of December. Moreover, and contrary to what Meloni said in some interventions, it is not true that Italy is the only positive exception with the world. United kingdom: In the third quarter of 2023, real household income grew – albeit at different rates – also in other countries, such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

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Data published by the OECD on May 8 indicate that in 2023 real household income in Italy is Decreased by 0.4 percent compared to 2022. In contrast to the OECD average, this indicator in Italy in the fourth quarter of 2023 decreased by 0.4 percent compared to the previous quarter, when it rose compared to the second quarter. Last year, real household income in our country decreased, while OECD member states recorded an average growth of 1.2 percent. Among the G7 countries France, United State H United kingdom It recorded an increase, while Canada and Germany recorded a decrease (for Japan, there is no data available at the present time).

For five days, final data describing families facing difficulties were published

In the statements, Meloni repeated his reference to a quarter without clarifying to citizens that it was a partial number. For five days, final data has been public depicting households facing difficulties (in 2022 especially due to the increase in energy costs and inflation) and we know that “record growth” is actually a decline. Five days in which Melony forgot to correct her statements. Five days in which no parliamentarian from the Italian Brotherhood had enough time to explain to voters that there was nothing true in the propaganda that had been repeated so far.