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Does the one-dish diet really make you lose weight?  Eight reasons why it’s best to avoid Coke

Does the one-dish diet really make you lose weight? Eight reasons why it’s best to avoid Coke

1 / 5: The one-plate diet, which is a diet that relies on only one food

An unhealthy trend has recently spread on the Internet: the mono diet, also called the “mono diet.” It is a type of diet that revolves around consumption Just one type of food to promote weight loss. Proponents say it will lead to a Rapid weight lossHowever, this weight loss may be temporary and actually unhealthy in the long term. Nutrition experts advise against this approach. “A healthy diet is actually a varied and balanced diet. Vary your foods Avoid macronutrient deficiencies (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (mineral salts and vitamins) – explains nutritional biologist Francesca Morganti -. Following a mono-food diet will primarily lead to a Severe nutrient deficiency. Not only that, if you choose diets based only on eggs or milk chocolate, for example, you will face an increase in cholesterol in the first case or sugar in the second case. Just as if you were on a yogurt-only diet, you will experience a Excess protein. So here it is Even healthy foods, if taken in excess, can be harmful. This deficiency, in addition to being a health risk, is accompanied by severe fatigue and exhaustion. In a mono-diet, you have to stick to only one food for several days or more Even for weeks. For example, if you choose a banana-based diet, it will be bananas only Meal at any time of the day. Other common foods that people choose for this type of diet are Eggs and potatoes. They even exist Chocolate mono diet. “These crazy diets involve eating one food, which prevents you from eating anything other than the specific food allowed. this The diet is very restrictive, should never be followed because it may lead to serious health problems in the long term – stresses Morganti-. It is always important to eat a wide range of foods, consuming carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc. Let’s see all the pros and cons of this diet.
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