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"Freedom of Vaccination and the Promotion of Basic Medicine"

“Freedom of Vaccination and the Promotion of Basic Medicine”

Within two hours, 160 people signed up for the “Health and Freedom” bill being promoted by the non-profit organization “La città dei Ragazzi” in Mantua.

At the banquet in Viale della Vittoria, today, Saturday, there was also Gian Marco Techer of Congliano, 54, a small businessman and reference for the province of Treviso for the initiative: next to him was a public official to certify the signatures.

“I learned of the initiative online – says Tischer – and immediately got busy like many other people in Italy who are in favor of freedom of choice with regard to vaccinations against Covid, against discrimination on Green Pass and to promote basic medical care and assistance. We did not expect such a great turnout, that we were left without forms and in the afternoon to about three hundred people from Cortina d’Ampezzo, Friuli, Padua and many other cities we made it clear that you could also sign at the secretariats and at the communal citizen counters. For more accurate information, you can refer to the initiative’s website, from which the full proposal for the law can also be downloaded. We will return to Viale delle Vittoria next Saturday and there will be more people than today.”

They define themselves as “without motto” citizens, in the sense that they cannot be categorized, and are a sign of a certain rejection of a policy of pollination that does not lack contradictions, as contrasting thinkers such as Agamben and Cacciari have explained.

The bill contains, among other things, the following indicators: “Double the beds in intensive care; in the event of fever and/or other symptoms of influenza, students and staff of any category should be respectively absent from school, work, and from any community activity.

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Return will only be allowed with a medical certificate of recovery without requesting a nasopharyngeal swab or an oropharyngeal swab in any case; The green card (or similar form of health passport) becomes a discretionary but not mandatory tool for private management / catering activities, which it can nevertheless freely request and vice versa not; Following the results of treatments obtained through early home remedies in the area, the final overcoming of the logic of watchful waiting is requested with Tachipirina.

Instead of a protocol, general indications will be provided with immediate home care, leaving clinicians always free to act and responsible for selecting the most appropriate and personalized treatments for the patient and thus free from pre-established protocols; Basic medicine is applied by reducing the maximum number of borrowers by 20% to encourage entry of new doctors; The limited number of medical and nursing schools for at least three academic years has been abolished.

This should not result in a different selection form within the normal course of university examinations; It is necessary to hand the patient at the time of vaccination a form for reporting any negative effects with the necessary clarifications and how to report them.

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