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Franco supports cashback elimination: "It helped push electronic payments, but continued to increase."

Franco supports cashback elimination: “It helped push electronic payments, but continued to increase.”

Minister of Economy Daniel Franco, Supported the selection, in an inquiry into the maneuvers before the House and Senate budget committees Absolutely eliminate Money withdrawal Introduced by the government Conte2 As he admits – action “contributes To promote Localization Electronic money“Motivation? Card payments will continue to increase even after the incentive is canceled. There will be a cost to the extension 1.5 billion And “seeing Costs and benefits Although the ministry agreed to it last June, “we decided not to extend the rule,” Franco said Cost-benefit has not been analyzed. In the first half of 2021 “TheIncrease in payments by pos Condition 28% of valueFranco recalled. “But over the next few months, in the summer, we saw an increase in the percentage of increase: 29% in July, 25% in August and 26% in September.“. தி 5 star motion Requested 10% refund of card expenses and a “Tax cashback“, I.e. instant credit Current account of some deductible expenses.

For Basic income, Also received criticism from the Parliamentary Budget Office about its changes, Franco said, “because it has not been changed in its main lines.Impact of support for distressed Italian families Is and it is important. ” Sierra Saraceno, Said the chairman of the Scientific Committee for Income Assessment Government Summary “Strengthens the idea of ​​beneficiaries Those who are idle, Avoiding focusing on the lack of active policies And the low qualifications of the majority of beneficiaries do not require adequate quality work ”. On top of that Accumulation The Minister acknowledged that the RDc’s work return, in part, was “hypothesized to have fallen” due to a lack of coverage, which should have been 5 euros decalage for all that was redesigned after 6 months. Only for those who refuse the offer. But “it has positive aspects,” he said, effectively calling on parliamentarians to restore that innovation during the conversion process.

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Then the suspicion arose again on the minister Consistency Maximum incentive for energy redevelopment of buildings. The complexity of real estate incentive extensions will cost 30 billion over the next few years, of which only 14 billion Superphone 110% Extended to 2022. In 2021 alone, these are “critical figures” when the “cash expenditure of various real estate bonuses, that is, the amount of installments from the previous years, is calculated.” 11.5 billion “. So, “When we discuss 8 billion interventions on tax authoritiesHe stressed that “we must take into account” the fact that taxpayers are paying $ 11.5 billion in tax relief this year. “We need more now than supply in the Italian construction sector. This sector needs to be supported but above all it needs to be given a tentative outlook. “.

As far as the general tone of the budget policy is concerned, the Minister assured that it will remain the same.Spread Until the deficit of GDP growth and employment growth compared to 2019 is recovered. “The test of this economic policy is not much in growth this year, it’s going well – we’ll close with more than the 6% growth indicated in Nadef in two or three tenths of a row – or not next year., I hope it continues to be good, but it is Growth in 2023-2024-2025“Everything in the budget law is explicitly based on the assumption that” our economy is constantly evolving. “So” on the basis of that assumption. “ The epidemic is under control and there are no catastrophic closures. It is obvious that any change in this situation should impose results. The idea is to gradually return to normal.

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The other variable is the ECB’s decision: Now “we are easier in management because we have one. Monetary policy is still consistent“But looking ahead over time, interest rates will rise and extraordinary policies will disappear, so we will have to face this stage with a more vibrant and stable economy to help manage the situation.”