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Rome, waste company backtracks: The word "disease" has been removed from the agreement to reduce non-attendance at Christmas.

Rome, waste company backtracks: The word “disease” has been removed from the agreement to reduce non-attendance at Christmas.

In the end But reverses: The company that manages the collection Waste A Roma Deleted the wordPhysical illness“From the text of the agreement with the unions To break the arrival When Unusual cleaning Of capital in such a subtle period of the year Christmas holidays. The bonus, as before, will be for whom Holidays will be postponed But only with the objectives achieved, viz Roads were destroyed From waste. However, initially, Gift 360 Euro It was also predicted for those who did not take days off due to illness: A decision that caused a scandal because many former “donors”Tricky“Recovered with money. Following the outbreak of a controversy, Ama said last Saturday that he was already ready to clarify. The mayor announced the upcoming explanation,” Roberto Gualtieri, The runner for the cover explained: “The paragraphs at this point may be due Confusions, The company informed me that the text would be written in such a way as to avoid anything Misunderstanding“.

This year, on average, the Which are not In Ama they settled around 15%, In which the fluctuation percentage Between 8.2% and 9.2% Due to disease. Among the preconditions of the contract to clean up the city extraordinarily, as the sole director of the company clearly explained, is the absence of “non-existent”. Angelo Piazza. The deal, however, will pay off Christmas time Gives up Holidays and leave, Provides the allocated “additional premium, with the remaining 3 million”. Among the conditions for recognizing this benefit was the completed paragraph in the viewfinder, which was later changed: “Reduction Disease-free rate At least 10% (At least in December and January) compared to the percentage recorded in the months September and October 2021“.

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If Ama’s new administration deems it necessary to reduce “attendance”, the unions point to the interpretation of the agreement: Who work harder, Promotes the absence of all kinds. Unfortunately, the message that they want to reward the deceitfulness of diseases passed and was manipulated. Exactly Opposite ”, thunder from CISL Marino Mosquito. It also talks about “distorted interpretation” CGIL According to it, “those who are not comparable to AMA pays in terms of higher average age and occupational diseases that have not been recruited in recent years. These factors should be minimized Structural commitment Next tables. “But now the circular provides the official explanation.

“A. Christmas Rome will be more Clean How we found it and the objectives of the project will be achieved, ”Qualdieri assures. However, according to the mayor, “this is only a first step and it will take a long time to achieve the best standards we can set for ourselves.”