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Next week, from Monday, comes Octoprata, a surprise change of course; We reveal what it is »

Weather: Next week, from Monday, a surprise change of course, Octobrata comes; We reveal what it is

In Italy comes the classic OttobrataChange of route. there Next weekAlready from Monday 3 October, we will have an Octobrata!
Confirmation has arrived: the beginning of October will be marked by an anticyclone with contributions Still Africans will become stronger and stronger, making us forget the extreme phase of severe weather we are experiencing these days.

So the new month opens in the sign of A Updated Atmospheric stability Thanks to the resurgence in grand style of maritime high pressure moving from the Atlantic across much of Western Europe, including Italy. So, lots of sun in all areas over the weekend, except in the early stages, last possible in the extreme south Thunderstorms are moving towards the Aegean due to the transition of the last low pressure gyre.

from Sunday 2 And especially since Monday, October 3 The anticyclone will shift its axis eastward, while drawing in much warmer air directly from North Africa.
As is usually the case during summer, there will be a sort of hybrid anticyclone here, with Azorean and subtropical contributions.
Classic served on a silver platter October: The term originates from the traditional Roman festivals that closed the harvest season in October. Each family organized one on Thursday and Sunday to celebrate the end of the harvest and hard work Travel out of town (precisely, called “otoprata”) and wagons decorated with cowbells from each district, on which women sat (the group’s “bellona” at their head). The rest of the party followed the carriage on foot to its destination.
In other words, from a meteorological point of view, October represents a period, which is typical of the month of October.High pressure It dominates the central Mediterranean for several days, resulting in atmospheric stability, a lack of rain, and a later climate in summer than in autumn.

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All next week, therefore, space the sun And above all a decision was made Rising temperature, Values ​​during the hottest hours, especially in the centre-south and the two largest islands almost splashing towards i 25 °CIn a city like Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome And Naples.
These weather conditions should stay with us until at least next weekend, with clear skies and above average temperatures.

A hybrid anticyclone (Azorian and African contributions) strengthens the Mediterranean basin.A hybrid anticyclone (Azorian and African contributions) strengthens the Mediterranean basin.