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Former Whirlpool exes identify, feel re-employed – News

Former Whirlpool exes identify, feel re-employed – News

An empty warehouse — the historic factory where Whirlpool washing machines were made — is a small table, a few documents ready to be signed. On the one hand, an officer with Felice Graniso, CEO of Tea Tech, and on the other hand, the Italian Green Factory, the first worker hired by the company of the Neapolitan Group. Via Argine, in Naples, its primary function was an industrial one. Meeting at 7.30. Desiré Cocozza is 35 years old. His daughter was born six months ago, precisely when Dee Deck was tasked with bringing noise and machinery into the now-vacant warehouse.

A double rebirth for a mother and a city. Neapolitan group Tea Tek’s Italian green factory is set to replace Whirlpool via Argine. “It’s a beautiful feeling. Today my life as a worker and a mother starts again”, says the woman excitedly, with her husband and little daughter. Colleagues and co-workers will appreciate it.
It was the end of a dream that lasted four years and five months. Other workers immediately signed up, and then, gradually, everyone else: 312 people. At noon the journalists arrived, summoned by the company’s top management. All of them are, or almost all of them are. The unions, obviously, but also the companies, in the role of mayor Gaetano Manfredi and the government, in the role of prefects like Claudio Palomba, had to rule with his predecessor, 53 months of social tensions, marches, occupations and motorway blockades.

Video The first worker hired by the former Whirlpool, Tee Tech, was a woman

“It’s a story of work, restart, innovation – says the mayor – a beautiful story of Naples, starting from a very painful industrial crisis, starting again, with a new entrepreneur, a new company. The ashes of Whirlpool, but it’s the future, ecological change, advanced technology. Looking towards”. According to the Prime Minister, “Today is an important decision and proves that good will, with unity among all, results can be achieved”. Today, flashlights and notebooks claim everyone’s satisfaction.

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“It is urgent to lead the solution of the matter – Zes Campania Commissioner Giosy Romano says – these are not things that belong to me. I am proud to have determined these conditions in a certain period of time. It took us. To solve the problem, it will take four and a half months,” he said.

Video Former Whirlpool, Tea Tech hires 312 workers: ‘A dream ends’

In Italy, the Minister of Commerce and Manufactures, Adolfo Urso, recalled that “all the companies worked together to close the crisis that lasted for 4 years”. “According to Nicola Ricci, head of the CGIL of Naples and Campania – this could certainly be a replica model – if the government does not decide to create only eight SEZs in the south”. “It is a moment of joy and hope – according to Crescenzo Auriemma and Antonio Accorso, General Secretary and Regional Secretary of Uilm Campania, respectively – not only for the staff of the Argine site, but for the entire South”. “Now – according to Piaggio Trapani, General Secretary of Fim Sislin of Naples – we must prove that it is possible to invest and above all to produce in the South.”

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