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Fiorello: “Berlusconi asked me to run. Meloni? He didn't make my daughter play with dolls, but with Lego.”

Fiorello: “Berlusconi asked me to run. Meloni? He didn't make my daughter play with dolls, but with Lego.”

Exclusive interview with director Tg1, Rosario Fiorello He covers different topics, talks about his career, some public figures and even politics. About the latter he also reveals unpublished details: They suggested that he become actively involved, but he did not feel ready to take this path.

Fiorello and politics

“If they ask me to join Policy? “When I was in Milan, yes, Berlusconi was there at the time, we worked with him and it happened.”says Fiorello to a manager Tg1 Gian Marco Chiucci during the program ““I'll talk tonight.” The role of a senator or representative that the artist did not feel ready to cover.“I won't be able to do this”Confess today. “I'm part of the old guard. I don't want to compare myself with these greats, but at that time we didn't know who Walter Chiari would vote for. I want to do entertainment, not politics.” He adds.

Precisely in order to maintain his neutrality, Fiorello does not answer when asked who he voted for. “I will never tell you. Do you want to know who I voted for? In the last three elections I changed my position twice. Who will I vote for in the European elections? I will call you as soon as I leave the cabin to tell you who I voted for,” Responds to director Chiocci.“I don't have a specific vote. If I like someone, I vote for that person. The last three times, I've voted twice for one side and once for the other. I vote for them.” an idea Not publishing, I've changed this year” He finally admits.

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Opinion on Meloni

Fiorello still stays on the topic of politics, and also makes some comments about the Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, a character the showman has known for some time. In fact, in the past, Giorgia Meloni worked as a nanny for Angelica, the artist's daughter.

“Melonie as a babysitter? You should ask my wife. She says she was.” very very goodHe studied while he was with the little girl, and wouldn't let her play with dolls, but he loved Lego, and he built…. Anyway, nice memory, nothing more to say about Giorgetta.”Announce.

Career, regret and the last joke

During the interview, Fiorello also talked about his character Professional lifestarting with the first important works. “My first visit to Sanremo was one of the worst moments of my life. I worked as a radio deejay and had to walk around giving interviews, and while I was there, news arrived that my father had died, who was very young, he was 58 years old.“, Tells.“Mike Bongiorno and Maurizio Costanzo, among the missing characters, are the ones I miss the most, and with whom I had a lot to do.” Then he goes on to explain.

There's definitely one well-known figure that he feels most connected to Bebo Budo“,”A reference figure for all Sicilians who have undertaken this profession. “I had the honor of knowing him and being his friend.”. Another dear friend is Amadeus.

“My biggest regret is… Did not study As I had hoped because it was about attendance, when I went to school I did well“, he confesses. Then the revelation:“I turned 63, 64 in May, and I think we're getting closer to the time when I'll turn my age I will pull back. I'm not one of those people who has a very long career, let's say that between… whatever, let's not say anything, we are not people of our word. I once said “I'll stop at 50” and I'm already 63, so…”