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Find 100 liras and earn 2,490 euros: that's what we're talking about

Find 100 liras and earn 2,490 euros: that’s what we’re talking about

there 100 lire It is a coin that truly made the history of our country, these coins have passed through many generations and lived through many different eras.
Unlike many other rare coins, this Republican-era coin does not reach record values ​​as other coins do.

It does not have any copy, it has the basic property of being very rare even if it does not reach numbers of value to leave your mouth open. However, we are talking about both important figures and now we will analyze the most coveted 100 lira banknotes to understand which one is more valuable and raise some unexpected pennies.

Before talking about coins, collecting, and numismatics, we need to make a basic premise: so that we can talk about currency value First of all, we need to analyze some basic aspects given that a currency can have more or less value based on various factors.

What primarily matters is the minting period, the historical year and era in which the coin was minted; So it is of great importance The printer is on: or how many coins were minted from each sample.
It goes without saying that a coin minted in a large number of copies certainly has a lower value than other coins which, on the other hand, have a smaller circulation.

What also influences, and does so in a rather specific way, is certainly the same conservation status from the currency. In fact, if it is flawless, it will show no sign of scratching or wear and we’ll talk about a coin in Uncommon glossy This is the coin in the best condition since then, the more perfect the coin is in condition, the higher its value.

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Now let’s talk about one of the most popular and widespread 100 lira coins: Minerva.
This coin was minted starting in 1954 with its trial version until 1989. But since 1955, there has been official minting and publication.

On the obverse of the coin is a crowned head of Laurel with “Republic of Italy” inscribed around it, while the image of the goddess Minerva is depicted on the reverse of the coin, with the aim of carrying a spear.
However, it should be noted right away that the 100 lira coin of this rare and sought after collector’s copy is a Experience affiliate 1954.

This is one of the few coins that can truly be defined as rare, and if it were to be found in the wonderful coin not in circulation today, its value could be very, very large.