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Oklahoma has passed a law that almost completely outlaws abortion

Oklahoma has passed a law that almost completely outlaws abortion

The Congress of the US state of Oklahoma has approved, by a Republican majority, a law that almost completely bans abortion, allowing it only in the event of a serious danger to the life of the pregnant woman. The law will now have to be signed off by Governor Kevin Stitt, who is also a Republican, which was a few months ago he promised He would pass ‘Any law on the right to life that ended up [sua] writing table.” Oklahoma is not the first US state to agree to such a measure: more and more conservative local governments in the US have long been trying to restrict the right to abortion.

Known as Senate Bill 612, the Oklahoma law was passed by the Senate last year and approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday with a vote of 70 to 14. It states that abortion is only permitted “to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency” and that in other cases, doctors or people who terminate a pregnancy within the state are punished with fines of up to $100,000. (about 92 thousand euros) and penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

The law was approved disputed by several groups of pro-choice activists and activists, who demonstrated in front of the state capitol in Oklahoma City on Tuesday. According to the groups, in fact, if the law were to go into effect, it would be a problem not only for women in Oklahoma, but also for women in neighboring Texas, many of whom rely on clinics in Oklahoma to access the interruption. Pregnancy Health: Texas is actually one of the conservative states that were recently imposed Too restrictive law on abortion.

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Meanwhile, the US Supreme Court is also dealing with the case discussing the legality of Abortion Law in MississippiWhich prohibits the termination of pregnancy after 15 weeks of pregnancy in most cases. Mississippi law is the most important issue on the topic of abortion in recent decades: if confirmed, in fact, the landmark ruling that has guaranteed since 1973 access to termination of pregnancy at the federal level could threaten. The court has six conservative and three progressive justices, and from early debates Seems to be intentional To recognize the legality of the Mississippi Act.

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