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Fighting in the classroom, left condemned

Fighting in the classroom, left condemned

The case erupts in Lucca where the city council has the right to hold a majority Voted against the proposal to name a square or street after Sandro Bertini, former President of the Republic. The motion, put forward by the environmentalist Civic Left councilor, was voted down by the majority who did not want to dedicate “one street to one party” in Lucca.

Not for the road to Bertini

The opposition councilor moved the motion Daniel Pianucci during the city council meeting on Tuesday, October 17. Dedicating a choice, a road One of the most popular presidents of the ItaliansThe councilor hoped to pass without any problems.

This was not so, for at first a wall was erected, and then it became impassable, and the majority of the councilors opposed it. In fact, the majority’s ban was particularly strong, with former Casabound councillors Fabio Barsanti.

“No, you can’t dedicate a street to someone from one party in Lucca,” the majority of councilors would have said when left-wingers tried to explain their voting intentions.

Sandro Bertini and Persot on the return flight after Italy’s 1982 World Cup victory

Fighting in the classroom

There was a real uproar during the City Council meeting Big words and insults flew from one side to the other. In fact, pictures of the session where opposition councilors tried to reason with their majority colleagues are circulating on the internet, but without luck.

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Former Casabound councilor Fabio Barsanti was followed by heavy insults from Bianucci, speaking to former mayoral candidate Francesco Raspini, chairman of the Democratic Party’s committee. He directly attacked Mayor Mario Bartini Who, in all this, would have remained silent without taking a stand on the motion.

Condemnation of the Left

The decision angered the left who condemned what happened in the city council.

“The Lucca Municipal Council has decided that Sandro Bertini, the president most loved by Italians, does not deserve a street or a square named after him. This motivation is so realistic that it stuns you, and cowardly it makes you ashamed: “If you didn’t do it, why should we do it? ” Opposition councilors wrote.

Then the attack on the majority council: “In Lucca we can live even without the square named after Sandro Bertini, but since Tuesday evening the people of Lucca have been able to see. The cultural depth of the majority What they have is nostalgia for the “good old days”. Self-styled fascists 2.0“.

Photo credit: IPA/ANSA