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Fidesz and separation at five in the afternoon.  In an interview “At a friend's house” he replied: “Does this sound like a game to you? Children are my priority.”

Fidesz and separation at five in the afternoon. In an interview “At a friend's house” he replied: “Does this sound like a game to you? Children are my priority.”

toRosanna Scardi

The rapper was interviewed by reporter Michel Deci. Interview broadcast during Mirta Merlino's broadcast: “I'm not interested in conspiracies.” Thursday news of separation from Chiara Ferragni

Fedez's first appearance after his separation from his wife Chiara Ferragni (who speaks here in an exclusive interview with Corriere della Sera)Friday, five o'clock in the afternoon. “after Breakup rumors“Fedez stopped at the microphones and talked to us,” predicted Mirta Merlino. Ironically, the Canale 5 program is hosted by the journalist whom the singer criticized because in the midst of the Pandoro Balocco scandal that hit his wife he had “paid intermittent attention” towards her even with paparazzi watching under her house. Question Reply Merlino immediately told him live: “Press attention, for better or worse.”

“Children are my priority.”

Fedez was stopped in the street outside a friend's house (So ​​not in City Life, where it is.)Family penthouse which according to rumors he left on Sunday), and shakes hands with reporter Michel Deci. The presenter broadcasts a small preview of what Fedez said to Desi. “How are you, Fedez?” the reporter asks. He answers: “Good, and you?” Then the question everyone wants to ask him: “Is this story true?” “I thought?” is the rapper's response, very nervous. The journalist insists: Is it gradual? “Does it look like a game to you?” is the answer. “I don't play on my children's skin: they are my life's priority.” “But I won't come and tell you what's going on; “I'm not concerned with people's assumptions.”Java cut. However, he confirmed that he will be present at the fashion show Donatella Versace scheduled this evening at Fashion Week: «I will be there because Donatella is very close to me at the moment,” Fedez replies. But his wife was absent from the fashion shows.

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Journalist and blogger Davide Maggio predicted the interview: “We can tell you that Mirta Merlino’s program will include an interview with Fedez. Well, yes, Michel Dessi, the program's correspondent, intercepted the singer, in the hot hours after the much-talked-about breakup with Chiara Ferragni. He exchanged words with the journalist to comment “on the events in which he was involved.” Ironically, the singer finds himself speaking to the same program in which He quarreled with him over coverage of the Palocco case. In fact, Fedez criticized journalists for “surveillance outside the house” in City Life, “at most you would be able to see me with the dog.” But in the end, Maggio says, “the surveillance under the house was useful.”

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