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“Ignorant”, “Even the cat took us” – Libero Quotidiano

“Ignorant”, “Even the cat took us” – Libero Quotidiano

Sparkling episode of the legacy Today is February 23rd. In fact, they've reached the “100s.” Robert W Fabio. But Fabio wins the right to go to the guillotine, the final move in the Test game. Will he be able to win and take the ultimate spoils?

Fabio after his victory “100 seconds” reach to A guillotine for 180 thousand euros. But at the end of this step of the program the number drops to more than half. The five words at the end are: today, find, cup, Italians, uncle. And the financial prize in the end is 45 euro miles.

Your job, Amadeus is on the hunt: Tom Tam in Ray, who wants to bring him to the broadcast

Roberto must find the word that connects them all and write in the answer “Oro.” But unfortunately, it was the word of the night “America”.

Too easy a word according to social media users who unleashed vilification on the poor hero who went home without the prize money. One wrote: “Hello friends, but do you realize what kind of competitors they are suggesting to us?” “Obviously I don't drink…no, you obviously do ignorant“, another viewer comments with more ferocity. “Tonight was easy for everyone except Fabio…The cat got it too“Have a good evening,” one of them joked. “Tonight the hero is neither fortunate nor inspired,” we read again. “He hasn't taken the easiest one yet! What a waste!”

Regia, take the wine away.  Roberto, what a disaster: the perfect storm at L'Eredità

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