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Follow the Alcaraz-Djokovic Final LIVE

Follow the Alcaraz-Djokovic Final LIVE

Cincinnati (United States) The expected final: Carlos Alcaraz And Novak Djokovic They will fight for it Masters 1000 to Cincinnati. First and second tennis champions ATP arrangementThey return to challenge each other after a great final Wimbledon A month ago I won it Spanish in Five groups. The Serb instead wants to get his hands on The thirty-ninth tournament 1000 of his amazing career. Follow the challenge directly.


Alcaraz broke: 6-5!

Djokovic is instantly under 15-40 but he is good at canceling out the first two break points. However, inertia shifts to the advantage in favor of the world number one who closes the game with two excellent answers: First put one step away.

11:32 p.m

Alcaraz restores parity: 5-5

The Spaniard holds serve at 30: What a match!

11:28 p.m

Djokovic sees the set: 5-4

After a few games of difficulty, the Serb stepped up again and clinched the game to the advantages.

11:20 p.m

The Cars Show: 4-4!

The Spaniard leveled the score, closing a great game and holding serve. It now appears that Djokovic is blaming the Cincinnati heat.

11:15 p.m

Alcaraz shortens the distances: 3-4

A break from the Spaniard, who is recovering and closing in on Djokovic.

11:10 p.m

Djokovic fluently: 4-2

A perfect game played by the Serb, who is close to zero, as he broke Alcaraz’s serve.

11:05 p.m

Djokovic is still ahead: 3-2

The Serb wins the match by taking advantage of Alcaraz’s forehand mistakes.

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11 pm

Alcaraz there: 2-2

The Spaniard held serve to zero for the first time in the match.

10:56 PM

Djokovic leads 2-1

The Serb puts the arrow in and closes the match at 15.

10:52 PM

Al-Karaz tied the score 1-1

The Spaniard jumps to 40-0, concedes 15 to Djokovic and then closes the match at the break. Parity has been restored.

10:49 p.m

Djokovic starts well and holds serve: 1-0

An excellent start for the Serbian, who finished the match at 15. Alcaraz should chase it straight away.

10:45 p.m

Alcaraz Djokovic starts the final!

The Serb opens the match with his serve.


Alcaraz and Djokovic on the field!

standing ovation For the two champions in the central square. Serbian B. won He paintsand choose serves: heating starts.

10:35 p.m

Alcaraz Djokovic, all set!

Anticipation grows on the central square in Lindner Family Tennis Center: Players are about to enter the field!

10:25 p.m

Alcaraz Djokovic, How the ATP Ranking Changed After Cincinnati

Whatever the final outcome Masters 1000 United States positions Alcaraz And Djokovic The order of ATP will remain unchanged: with Djokovic Secondly, the 20-year-old from Murciano will assert himself as the first player in the world, making progress 10 thousand points. Alcaraz There will be too Workbook #1 garlic us open.

10:20 p.m

Alcaraz-Djokovic, what time does the final start start?

last act of Masters 1000 to Cincinnati Between Spanish and Serbian will start after the last affiliate Women’s championship (Coco Jove had won Carolina Muchova in two sets): The anticipated challenge has not been scheduled before 4.35pm local time (the 10:35 p.m in Italy).

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10:10 p.m

Alcaraz Djokovic, Antecedents

the Masters 1000 in Ohio there will be The fourth direct comparison Among the two world champions in tennis: lo Spanish leads to 2-1. In the 2023 However, the budget is in perfect parity: the serbian better than Semi-finals affiliate Roland Garros while the 20 years old, from Murcia Win in a final Wimbledon.

10 p.m

Alcaraz Djokovic, where he can be seen on TV

the Spanish champion Nol will challenge to take over Title. Here is all the information about Date, time and channels Match spread. (Here are the details)

Lindner Family Tennis Center, Cincinnati (USA)