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Ferrari's new car has already caused a sensation: they've created something unique in Maranello, and it's going to be great

Ferrari's new car has already caused a sensation: they've created something unique in Maranello, and it's going to be great

Ferrari is ready to reveal to the world the first electric car in its history, and now we are actually talking about its sound. Well, yes, he'll have one! Here's what it would be like.

2024 is a very important year for the Ferrari brand, and it is ready to reveal two very important pieces of news. The successor to the Ferrari 812 Superfast will be unveiled on May 2Which today is known as the F167 based on its project name. It will still have a naturally aspirated V12 engine up front and will be devoid of hybrid systems, which will please all-wheel drive fans.

The new Ferrari car has new features! (Canva) –

According to the latest rumors, the world premiere of this car will take place in Miami, at a later event. Then during the year, It will also be the turn of the Ferrari F250 project, the successor to the LaFerrari supercar., which will be powered by a twin-turbo V6 engine derived from the 499P Hypercar that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with a Plug-In Hybrid system. This car will be launched within the next few months, but everyone knows very well that 2025 will be the year of waiting with greater anxiety.

actually, In the last quarter of next year, Ferrari will introduce the first electric car in its historyIt has been under study for some time and is now undergoing the first tests. The project is very interesting and causes a lot of talk, even if many are not entirely happy to see the Prancing Horse without a combustion engine. However, there is one aspect to take into consideration, which is the sound of this car, which may present important surprises.

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Ferrari, the new electric car will not be silent

During an interview he conducted withCNBC“, CEO of the company Ferrari, specifically Benedetto Vigna, emphasized that electric cars are not necessarily destined to become silentWhich suggests there will be some surprises regarding zero-emission Prancing Horse cars. For some time now, there has been talk about a certain system, which will allow Maranello cars to imitate a kind of sound of internal combustion engines – as evidenced by a patent registered by the brand in recent months – also on electric cars, and this is what will happen from the model that we will see in a year and a half. .

Ferrari Electric Show (YouTube) –

Cavallino seems to be working on some vocal signatures, imitating the noise of heat engines, in order to cover the silent siren of electricity. In the video posted here, it was uploaded to the channel Youtube Runes Rides“, we have a first preview of the design of the Rossa EV, created through the display, while regarding the sound we have some news: these are the words of Vigna, very excited in light of this new arrival.

Here are his words: “Every Ferrari we build is unique, and when we build them we look at performance, design and sustainability. Consider that electric cars are not silent. If you know technology, you know that you can do many things With zero-emission cars. We have been using combustion cars for a long time and now we are ready to add more electric cars to our offer. We will continue to produce more types of cars and we want to make our customers increasingly happy and involved in this transitionIn short, just because a car is environmentally friendly doesn't necessarily mean it has to be silent.

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