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Do you often receive anonymous and unwanted calls?  How to report everything

Do you often receive anonymous and unwanted calls? How to report everything

Many Italians complain of receiving a huge number of unwanted anonymous calls. On the other side of the receiver, in many cases no one will answer or you will only hear strange noises that can cause an alarm. What can be learned here? How to report everything? Here's what a “victim” consumer can do in this situation.

How to report receiving anonymous and unwanted calls (

It happens that everyone constantly – at certain moments of the day or month – receives messages “Strange” calls.. In some cases, in fact, no one will appear on the other end of the receiver or you will hear recorded voices or unimportant noise.

In most cases it can be call center Who carry out these calls to suggest offers with recorded voices or to give the user feedback indicating the arrival of a “real” worker. Other times, these are simple strategies to obtain data for purely business purposes.

Especially if you work or engage in other important activities, receiving these things Anonymous or unwanted calls It can weigh you down and make everything very annoying. If you notice a funky or “unknown” number, you can act in several ways. It will be possible to block the number on your phone or contact the privacy guarantor. But there are many others Ways to report what is happening.

How to report constant reception of anonymous and unwanted calls on your phone

The first thing you need to do is enter your phone number in Public record of the opposition. In this way You will limit receiving telemarketing calls on your smartphone as much as possible.

Procedures for reporting the receipt of anonymous and unwanted calls (

On the appropriate site you will have to Enter your personal data and phone number. You will also need to provide information about the calls you will receive on a regular basis. After going through the entire procedure, here it is You will receive a confirmation of the form via email.

The actual complaint in this case

However, if you are Victim of a real scam Therefore, not just inconvenience due to anonymous calls, the procedure to be adopted will be completely different.

In the event of an unsuccessful phishing attempt, you will simply have to report everything to the postal police. This body will take measures to prevent messages or calls from being sent to various users from that moment on.

However, if you are exposed to a real scam and money is stolen from your existing account after some unwanted calls, you will have to do this Proceed with submitting actual reports within 3 months.

like? You have to physically go to the office Police station In your residential area or directly at the nearest police station. You will have to find out what happened and provide all the necessary information to start investigating the event.

The same will apply in case Receiving stalking calls By someone. In this case it will be advice Record calls and provide all evidence to law enforcement authorities.

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