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This is when you need to change and which engine oil to choose for your car

This is when you need to change and which engine oil to choose for your car

Maintaining your vehicle is important. If you can do it yourself, at least for the simplest things, you can also save money. On autonomy, for example, it is possible to change the engine oil. It is an oil that allows lubrication of the mechanical components of engines. The oil can be changed in the workshop, but if you buy on the Internet and do it yourself, you can save quite a bit. But when should we continue? This is when the engine oil needs to be changed and what lubricant you need for your car.

What engine oil do we need for our car?

The engine oil used varies depending on the model of vehicle you own. The car maintenance manual can be useful, in which it will be possible, in the appropriate section, to find the initials of the lubricant to be used. Indeed, in order to avoid any problems with the engine, it is always better to purchase the oil corresponding to this symbol.

The abbreviation in question contains two numbers between which the letter W is placed.While the first number indicates the oil yield at low temperatures, the second indicates the hot viscosity of the oil. For the first number, the lower it is, the better it will perform in a very cold environment. As for the second, the higher, the better in the evening at very high temperatures.

This is when you need to change and which engine oil to choose for your car

To understand when it is necessary to change the engine oil, periodic checks should be carried out. In fact, there is no indicative time period that is valid for all cars. It changes, in fact, according to use even if it is in the latest cars low level of oil is also indicated by the warning light on the dashboard.

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How is the oil level checked? You must proceed as follows:

  • start the car engine and then turn it off by waiting a few minutes;
  • remove the dipstick from the oil compartment;
  • Dry it with a cloth
  • insert the rod back into the special compartment;
  • Remove it and check the oil level.

If the level is normal, the trace should be between the maximum and minimum level marks. If so, there is no need to change the oil. Alternatively, if the tracer is below the minimum oil level Should have topped. Adding new oil will bring the level back to what is needed. In any case, you will also find in the user manual of the device the maximum mileage after which a complete oil replacement is necessary. Usually a total change is necessary for gasoline cars every 20 thousand kilometers. For diesel engines, the change must be carried out every 35,000 km.

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