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Space and spacewalks for AstroSamantha: She is the first European woman

Space and spacewalks for AstroSamantha: She is the first European woman

Before space walk Italian astronauthex
Samantha Cristoforetti who thus also became the first European woman to perform extra-articular (EVA) activity. The European Space Agency had confirmed this on Thursday, July 21 Samantha
Cristoforetti will come out of it International Space Station For a spacewalk with cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. This will be Samantha’s first spacewalk and the first flight by a European astronaut, and Samantha is preparing to leave for the first time. International Space Station For an extravehicular activity that will make him obligated to work outside the Russian part.

The EVA is scheduled to start at 16:00 Italian time, and the EVA can last up to seven hours. eve Samantha Cristoforetti And Oleg Artemyev will be broadcast live starting at 3.30 pm on the TV channelEuropean Space Agency “Esa Web Tv”. for this occasionItalian space agency The event follows a comment by Gabriel Massetti, head of the Human Flight Office for the Scientific Coordination Unit atasi. The two cosmonauts will wear Orlan spacesuits: Oleg will be identified by red stripes, Samantha by blue stripes while Sergei Korsakov will provide support to the two cosmonauts before they exit through the Poisk docking unit. The two cosmonauts will, among other things, work on the Era program, the European robotic arm, the first robot capable of “walking” around the Russian part of the International Space Station.

Lightweight and powerful, with a length of more than 11 meters, Al-Asi recalls that the boom has the ability to install at fixed points in the station and move back and forth on its own and will serve as the main manipulator arm in the Russian part of the space station. Its seven joints can handle loads of up to several tons with a wide range of motion for assembly tasks. Cristoforetti It has been in the orbit of the European Minerva mission since April 27 and is on its second mission after the one that occurred in early 2014 and 2015 for the Futura mission inItalian space agency During which he set the record for stay in orbit on a single mission by a woman, totaling 199 consecutive days and 16 hours in space. Crew-4 cabin crew aboard space station
international It is part of Expedition 67 and will remain in orbit until the end of September.

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