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Project Kuiper, Amazon booked 83 space rockets to launch its satellites: Here's what it is

Project Kuiper, Amazon booked 83 space rockets to launch its satellites: Here’s what it is

Amazon, ready to compete with Elon Musk and his Starlink, has introduced Project Kuiper with the goal of creating its own constellation of satellites.

Amazon Kuiper, 10/4/2022 –

In detail, it has been well advertised in recent days 83 stadiums Thanks to the collaboration between multinational Jeff Bezos as well as Arianespace, Blue Origin and the United Launch Alliance. The goal of Project Kuiper is to “shoot” into orbit More than three thousand satellites in three yearsto be exact 3.236, in order to create a network capable of providing a connection to iHigh speed internet via satellite around the world.

Amazon Kuiper, a project to build the Internet via satellite

“Securing different partners to enhance our launch capacity has always been a key objective of our strategy,” he commented. Rajeev Padyal, vice president of technology for Amazon’s Project Kuiper division. Bought Bezos to achieve the goal 38 Vulcan was launched from ULA: say words Tori Bruno, ULA CEO, who then added: “Amazon’s investments in infrastructure launches and capacity upgrades will benefit commercial and government customers alike.”

Dave Limp, “These launch deals reflect our incredible commitment and confidence in the Kuiper Project, and we are proud to work with such an incredible group of partners to get our mission done,” added the Senior Vice President of Amazon Hardware and Services. Now over 1,000 people at Amazon work on Project Kuiper, the team continues to make progress as it approaches full production-ready implementation, finalizes high-performance satellite design, produces a compact and convenient client terminal, and implements a secure system and reliable communications network connecting the satellites to customers and infrastructure. floor.” Amazon will invest in Kuiper Ben 10 billion dollarswhile, with respect to timingThere are no official dates, also because the missiles that will be used in the mission have not yet been tested, and the Ariane 6 quantum Vulcan will be opened by the end of 2022, while there is no certainty about the new. Glenn. The Vulcan missions, however, will begin from the slope of Space Launch Complex 41, at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida.

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