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February weather, winter's revenge after the candle.  What the trend says

February weather, winter's revenge after the candle. What the trend says

After the candles (February 2), the first signs of atmospheric obstruction

After this mild phase dominated by anticyclone Zeus, winter may come with a vengeance! According to the latest updates that have just arrived, a breakthrough is expected after Candlemas (2 February). A hemispheric scale of cold and precipitation is likely to return to Italy.

hypothesis At this time It is more plausible that the polar air flow descends in latitude, first hitting central Europe and then heading straight for the Mediterranean basin.
Be careful, it will not be very exceptional: from a climatic and statistical point of view, the second part of the season Often full of surprises due to interesting afternoon exchanges (from the North Pole towards the Mediterranean Basin) capable of disrupting the atmosphere.

The first signs of the lifting of the atmospheric barrier after February 2nd
Assess whether depressions capable of inducing rainfall will develop; For now, let's limit ourselves to making a breakthrough after a moderate anticyclone.
In fact, since these are long-term forecasts, it should be remembered that what we are proposing is only one. General overview of expected time Detailed forecast for personal location or useful for planning your personal life.

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