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Winter is staying away.  We may see something after traffic is restricted until early February.  Here is the news « 3B Meteo

Winter is staying away. We may see something after traffic is restricted until early February. Here is the news « 3B Meteo

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Ber chasing From Europe, the enormous warm air of the subtropical zone affecting 5 countries – Spain, England, France, Italy and Germany – will cause a real change in the circulation. Unexpectedly It doesn't help us There will be a structure of polar vortex Very compact All the stratospheric anomalies will last until the first week of February.

This is Consistency between different allocations Leave one to guess Tropical Circulation A classified zonal flow Very much Tightness Does not provide any details waves of the jet (they determine the arrival of disturbances in the middle and low latitudes). So FThe reddo is far to the north cheater Less likely to reach our regions. This is at least until the first week of February. The trend is also confirmed Cluster view for the duration February 4-6.

All members They agree to watch High pressure in our latitudes At the same time a low pressure center with a cold matrix may form in the northeast The stratosphere is linked to the location of the polar vortex It will be about Siberia. However, this situation does not exclude some unstable passages in the peninsula, but not too severe in terms of both precipitation and cold.

The beginning of the second week of February can also be classified Prevailing anticyclonic conditions Then something may begin to change in the Mediterranean, and we shall immediately see how.

Cold stress North-easterly days can play a greater role in the weather variability of middle and low latitudes 9/10/11 Feb. At this time 41 members Leaning on 51 Some unstable passages With a cool team From the northwest over Italy. Translated into probability terms Approximately 80%. Obviously, we are talking about a medium long-term trend, almost two weeks, so with everyone Uncertainties That it deserves.

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In this regard, it must be said that this temporary change cannot last long, as it is the result of tropospheric dynamics and is not supported by a weak polar vortex. So one more time We are skeptical On possibility Cold season And can enter the “phaseNormal“However, in this sense excluding chapters.

Let's see if there will be more interesting news in the next updates.

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