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Forza Italia takes place 30 years after Berlusconi sacked Tajani.

Forza Italia takes place 30 years after Berlusconi sacked Tajani.

There is emotion, nostalgia and passion at the Salone delle Fontane dell'Eur in Rome, where Silvio Berlusconi's historic speech was commemorated today. A sold-out audience gathers around Antonio Tajani in every row of seats. Without ifs and buts. Adnkronos records the mood and emotions of the audience. There are also those who defend him from the machinations of some press: “Many articles in recent days publish assumptions about the real relations between Forza Italia and the Berlusconi family, between Forza Italia and Gianni Letta, between Forza Italia and the founders of the party. His new adventure with Silvio Berlusconi in 94 – they commented in the back of the room -. Lots of mud. Splashes, a lot of lies. However, the truth is very simple and straightforward, the children of Silvio Berlusconi look at Forza Italia with sympathy, they consider them one of the main creatures of their father's long and intense epic. They know how close their father was to his political creation, so the plan is forward. They believe they can go.

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There are those who firmly believe that none of the Berlusconi family has the intention of entering the field as their father did 30 years ago: “None of them imagined entering the field – says a woman who did not want to reveal herself with a Milanese accent – . So this or that of Forza Italia's founder Pier Silvio or the other sons Even the articles announcing that effort are completely baseless. And for heaven's sake—he opens his arms wide—long life, many children and grandchildren. God only knows what will happen in ten years. “Dajani? – two long parliamentarians say in unison – he was one of Berlusconi's favorite political sons and consequently in the family. He maintains direct and loyal relations with Berlusconi's children, who look to him with absolute trust.” Some underline Gianni Letta's presence and speech. “Gianni Letta never spoke at a demonstration with party symbols – they assure -. Despite being a focal point of Silvio Berlusconi's government, he was never a The party did not take part in the event and never took a Forza Italia membership card like the other parties. However, on this occasion, he brought the greetings of the family, the relevance of which cannot go unnoticed. Gianni Letta's presence at the Salone delle Fontane therefore acquires a symbolic value and bears testimony. The Berlusconi family, Forza Italia And the harmony, friendship and brotherhood between him and its secretary Tajani is more than any other falsehood. In fact, it crowns him.”

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There are also many young people. They discuss it passionately: “The real truth is that the harmony between Tajani, Forza Italia and the children of Berlusconi is full and complete – they say outside the room -. And the proof was today. The rest is in the hands of the voters. They will decide the future of Forza Italia.”