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tank of gasoline, pour some acetone into it and see what happens: unbelievable but true


Acetone in the solomotor tank

Drivers and mechanics know many different ways to improve engine efficiency or cleanliness. According to the analyzes carried out, acetone will allow better combustion of the mixture

to better manage consumption, In this complicated moment, it is necessary to resort to all means. The first and also the main one Don’t forceWhen the traffic lights go out, In every clutch versionas if it were a departure from the Formula One grid.

However, there are remedies that we can define as ingenious to increase engine performance. You will have heard aboutUse acetone But you have to pay close attention because there is a risk of damaging the engine’s functions.

The main function of the programAcetone in gasoline or diesel is to be effective in Injection cleaning, in order to make the engine performance better and more “brilliant”. To increase the performance of your car and at the same time reduce consumption, pour the right amount of acetone into the tank with gasoline.

The trick might turn out Very useful to allow your wallet to breathe. There are certain steps you need to follow An appropriate amount of acetone To pour into the tank, otherwise the consequences may be harmful.

Acetone in the tank: what is the right amount?

According to the analyzes conducted, theOne hundred percent pure acetone That would allow better combustion of the mixture. You should pay attention toExact amount of fluid Pour into the tank. Furthermore, a little familiarity with engines, the automotive sector and practicality is also required.

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In addition to acetone in gasoline and solomotor
In addition to acetone in gasoline and solomotor

At this point, the same mechanic will advise you on the proper amount of acetone to put in your car. Experts believe that it is necessary to pour into the tank 24 – 25 ml per 10 liters of petrol. This is a fixed amount and no additional measurement can be added. It is not easy to calculate the exact amount needed even on the basis of the gasoline you already have in your tank.

However, the result is guaranteed. The performance will be excellent and the fuel consumption will be lower than before. As far as consumption is concerned, the effect of acetone is an indirect consequence. We refer to the fact that with better engine performance, thanks to more efficient combustion as a result Consumption is also slightly reduced. In the event that you make a mistake with the quantity, there will be more trouble than benefits, but the right result will allow you to get better consumption as well Injection cleaning result. seeing is believing!


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