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Fano, the municipality inaugurates a stele in memory of Salvador Allende

Fano, the municipality inaugurates a stele in memory of Salvador Allende

The municipality inaugurates a monument in memory of Salvador Allende

Fano – Monday 11 September, 11.30 am, at Palazzetto dello Sport (Via San Lazzaro, 12) Mayor Massimo SiriIn cooperation with a memory consultant, Samuel MascareneAnd to the sports advisor, Barbara BrunoriA stele dedicated to Salvador Allende will be inaugurated.

On the 50th anniversary of the coup in Chile, the municipal administration wants to commemorate Salvador Allende and his sacrifices for democracy, freedom and social justice, thus renewing the feelings of solidarity that have so ideally bound our society. For the Chilean people, which was the motivation behind naming the Sports Palace after the President of the Republic of Chile.

Salvador Allende He was a Chilean politician and physician, President of Chile from November 1970 to September 1973, and the first overtly Marxist political figure to be democratically elected to the office of president of any country in the Americas.[5] And according to some, even from the world.

He was deposed by force on September 11, 1973 through a coup carried out by the Chilean army, with the covert support of the CIA and the administration of the President of the United States of America Richard Nixon who, throughout almost the entire term of Allende’s term, vowed to destabilize the country through the use of major economic boycotts ( Legal, etc.), which contributed to his dismissal.

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