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Fake phone call, Severgnini surprises Gruber: “Yesterday I saw Otto e mezzo e…”

Fake phone call, Severgnini surprises Gruber: “Yesterday I saw Otto e mezzo e…”

Realizing the absurdity and realizing the embarrassment it has caused the government, diplomatic advisor Francesco Tallo this morning, with a marked feeling for the state and institutions, submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. During the Otto e Mezzo episode, broadcast on La7 on Friday, November 3, Beppe Severgnini praised the difficult decision made by the former diplomat and ambassador to Israel. “Meanwhile, there’s someone who’s resigned – he’s starting to guest host Lily Gruber – and the Foreign Ministry is thus proving itself almost different from the rest of the Italian public administration.” Then he turned to politicians: “Finally there is someone who takes responsibility, which is unknown to these governments as well as to many other previous governments, which did all kinds of things and no one ever got down from them.”

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Regarding the consequences of the prank call made by Russian comedian couple Vovan and Lexus, “There is certainly some embarrassment, but there is also concern, because it is clear that Vladimir Putin was not the one who brought together the Kremlin and organized the prank call. However, it seems clear that these two gentlemen are… “One of the many methods used to annoy governments that support Ukraine.” In short, Corriere della Sera journalist’s hypothesis is that this is one of the tactics used by Russia to destabilize enemy governments: “If I had a doubt, watching yesterday’s episode of Otto e mezzo has dispelled it.” As the journalist says…

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There is also time for a little solidarity expressed by Severgnini towards those who have certainly done wrong, but for this reason should not be put on the grill: “Yesterday I saw the name of the person in charge of the Africa desk, the diplomat Lucia Pasqualini. Well, since you cannot defend yourself, “I will do this: You are one of the best young diplomats we have. I have known her for 15 years and have seen her work on three different continents. Even if he made a mistake, his boss was elegant, and took responsibility by resigning. There is no one who has never made a mistake.”