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Bulldozers accompanied by tanks open roads against Hamas’ “nests”.

Bulldozers accompanied by tanks open roads against Hamas’ “nests”.

to Guido Olympio

The Israeli army is currently seeking to achieve three goals: opening corridors, eliminating resistance “nests,” and establishing temporary settlement outposts. Here’s how the process works

chief of staff Herzi Halevy a contract Consultation with officials inside Gaza. A surprise visit to confirm the continued presence in enemy territory and analyze future movements.

The process currently aims to: Three goals: opening corridors, eliminating resistance nests, and establishing temporary settlement outposts. Measures affecting the northern sector of the Strip, the coastal strip, and a second in the central part up to the sea. I’m always Continuous bombing With the killing of civilians and other militants.

Satellite images published by some international media describe the movements. Bulldozers open “paths” Remove obstacles and any explosives, Tanks provide protection for armored vehicles with infantry. They are roads that try to avoid areas with a lot of buildings, but as they approach Gaza City, it becomes more complicated.

Progress, in addition to the conquest of territories, works on Ignite the fire of the MujahideenHidden in buildings, real bunkers or created from rubble and tunnels. The clashes allow the Israelis to do this Determine some positions Which are being targeted by aircraft, drones and tanks. The Mujahideen respond with the movement provided by the tunnels and engage the opponent RPG shells were fired from close range at armored vehicles, causing damage. Jerusalem confirmed 4 more casualties, bringing the total number to 28 since the invasion. a lot.

The third element is some stations that act as forward bases. It is still the sappers who carry out the mission through the residence of the gods Earthen fences to form irregular “squares”.. At least two of these have been reported: involving vehicles and soldiers, with the walls acting as a shield. Hence, the forces are expanding their activities cautiously. According to Palestinian sources, the plan aims to create a secure connection between the sites and continue the “partition.” Isolating Gaza City and then continuing to pursue the tunnels and the Qassam Brigades.

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Dramatic past experiences have revealed the difficulties of the mission. Now the army is trying to avoid making the same mistakes, and the raids are becoming more violent. The guerrillas also analyzed the course of previous conflicts, expanding the tunnels and improving the arsenal. Yesterday, they launched an Ayyash 250 missile, a new model of long-range missiles, towards Eilat. It would have been intercepted by Arrow.

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