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Next week could be the hardest in the whole winter, let’s see why »


Weather: Next week may be the hardest of winter, let’s see why

Weather forecast for the next weekFrom the Siberian Frost to the Buriens of Russia: Next week may be the hardest of the winter!
Here are the latest updates from the major computing centers: Air Ice Core (called NìKola), descending From Russia, it is likely to cause severe effects to most of our regions: the danger, in addition to frost, is that there will be precipitation on a large scale, Even snowy at low altitude or even plains.

To understand the reason for such a glacial turning point, we have to analyze the overall picture of the ancient continent: well, from the distant Siberian steppes flowed from Arctic currents You will first invest in Eastern Europe and then suddenly break into the Mediterranean basin, diving directly from Rune Gate.
As we can see from the map below, part of the intense Rhône flow will favour Low drop formation (cyclonic vortex) between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea indicated by the letter “B“.Tornado vortex in formation (denoted by the letter B).  Danger of heavy rainTornado vortex in formation (denoted by the letter B). Danger of heavy rain This dynamic is typical of the winter months and is often a harbinger of snowfall even at very low altitudes.
day ago Monday, February 6th Bad weather will hit our country starting from northwith risks Precipitation and snow fall down to lower elevations; White flakes can descend to the plains between lower Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia.
With the passage of time Cyclone Vortex will translate to the southeast. Heavy rains will be possible TuscanyAnd LazioAnd Campania Calabria has two main islands. Thanks to the remarkable drop in temperatures, the The snow You will be able to get off frequently onThe Apennines and the hills of Sardinia With brackets that will be able to go, between Tue 7 and Wed 8, fin less than 100 metres from share.

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Also, for the rest of the week, the weather conditions will remain unstable in the Adriatic sectors in the center and in the south, with the possibility of rain, especially during the day. AbruzzoAnd MollysAnd PugliaAnd Campania And Calabria. In other places, however, there will be room for more removal, but it will be very cold.


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