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Fake obstetrician and video chat visits.  Persecuted 250 women

Fake obstetrician and video chat visits. Persecuted 250 women

The call is coming from an unknown number. “I am a GynecologistsTells the women who answer. The narrator then proves that he knows the whole series of intimate information. Allocated. In short, important data. Finally, the proposal: a video call visit. Nomi, 24, is an Abulian student, Nov. 1 Persecuted On the phone And so on. He told the story through the community and then started appealing: If this happens to you, report it. On Instagram e Facebook With hashtag #Nanchisola, Nomi’s news has revealed many similar stories: Cases reported to a 24-year-old youth during these hours 250 across Italy, Mostly in Buglia. Lecce’s attorney began the investigation for this reason.


“He proposed the name Francesco Licande or Lirande and contacted me for gynecological inflammation, I do not know – said the young lady on Instagram – he said he came from the counseling center of the hospital” Trikes “. The doctor “knew his business in that field.” In addition, he had a lot of personal data such as date of birth, address and details about the young woman’s medical condition. So, even after offering video calling advice, Nomi decided to believe me. , But we used the hangout – he explained – he never turned on the camera. “When asked to undress in the video, the young woman became suspicious:” I refused, but I sent him a photo, which I shared with my doctor a few days ago Dan, who did I contact for a gynecological problem? “


A web search and some calls to Trikes Hospital revealed the person’s false identity. The email and contacts provided are not corporate. When the 24-year-old contacted him again, the fraudster denied it. Eventually it disappeared. “I was naive. I was naive to give him a chance to have fun with my body, but this guy can fool someone who is more naive than me: Minor, your sister, your mother, any other girl.”

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After complaining to Carabinieri, Nomi was contacted by several victims on social media. Everyone told her the same dynamics. Absolutely overlapping stories. Some girls were able to recover until they were abused, but many have not yet returned to law enforcement. “They were scared because they thought it was a joke, because those who held them accused them of being stupid,” the 24-year-old wrote in a post.

Now clearly see investigators and investigators. An investigation is underway into the dissemination of women’s personal data: the man may have hacked the databases of several hospitals and analytical laboratories. Confusing details emerge from the postal police and prosecutor’s office’s investigation: the man has been active since August and has attracted minors. Now we have to give him his real name and surname.

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