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Everyone uses Word but no one knows about this hidden function: it will allow you to make a great impression!

Everyone uses Word but no one knows about this hidden function: it will allow you to make a great impression!

If you use Word regularly, you can’t help but know this trick. Here’s what it is, and how to use it.

The use of technological devices is now common. Be it personal computers, tablets or mobile phones, these gadgets have now become a true extension of our person. Not only does it help us in our daily lives, but it has become an indispensable tool in the world of work.

Word: The hidden function that will amaze you – (

Just think about it all The applications, platforms and equipment we have available to facilitate the tasks that will be carried out for our business. Students have also benefited greatly from the use of technological devices, thanks to which conducting research and completing their homework has become very simple.

One of the most used packages for carrying out daily activities is Microsoft Office. Thanks to it, we can easily perform calculations, organize our day, week or month in a flash, write texts and much more. One of the most used tools within this package is Microsoft wordor word processing software, designed specifically to create professional-quality documents.

Nowadays, everyone really knows how to use, even if in a basic way, Microsoft Word, but not everyone knows a certain function Which will allow us to create documents that will make a real impression.

Microsoft Word: Here’s the function you didn’t know that will surprise you

It is truly the most widely used software for writing, thanks to its ease of use as well. In fact, Microsoft Word is really intuitive and accessible to everyone, but if we want to use it more professionally, we must be ready to discover new features.

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Word: Use this hidden function to make a nice impression – (

This function, for example, will allow us to carry out our tasks more easily It will allow us to get truly amazing results. In fact, when we write in Word, we often use the same words. The simplest process we can think of to avoid repeating the same words over and over again is to do this Find synonyms through Google search.

But thanks to this function, You no longer have to do the searching, but Word will do it for you. All you have to do is do it Double click on the word for which you can find a synonymUsing the right mouse button you will then have to click on “Synonyms” and here you will see a list of words to choose from.