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He gives her the necklace he wore while filming The Old Guard

He gives her the necklace he wore while filming The Old Guard

C’è Posta Per Te tells the story of the Franchina family, who are shaken by the loss of their son Vincenzo, who dies in his sleep of an irregular heartbeat. Charlize Theron, the guest of the evening, presented the lady with several gifts: among them was the necklace that was worn during the filming of The Old Guard.

in a loop You’ve got mail This evening, Saturday January 28, 2023, the story of Cristina, her father and Francina: the family is struck by a dramatic state of mourning, the loss of Vincenzo, Cristina’s brother and Francina’s son, who died at the age of 29 in his sleep due to an irregular heartbeat. For the special guest lady: charlize Theron.

Words by Charlize Theron and gifts for Mrs. Franchina

Charlize Theron, having entered the studio, warmly embraced Francina and her son. “It’s such an honor to meet all of your family, they are amazing. She has a wonderful daughter, a husband who would like to win her back. Life goes on, the wounds are fresh, and it’s normal for him to feel this way, but soon he’ll have to decide whether to stay that way or whether to start a new chapter.”, the words the singer used to comfort the woman. “We never forget those who are gone, but we must remember those who are still here.”. The guest presented Franceina with several gifts, bracelets for the whole family, and a box containing a gift for the lady. at the end: “The movie The Old Guard, in which she starred, is about immortals searching for meaning in their lives. A loved one gave me this necklace, and I’ve worn it throughout the movie. I want to give her this necklace because if she thinks about the meaning of life, it is right here in front of her.” Signora Franchina opened the envelope, promising to convince herself to go ahead With Vincenzo in my heart.

Charlize Theron audience applause

Tonight’s episode opened with Charlize Theron’s entrance, and the audience gave her a standing ovation. The singer spoke about herself by commenting on some photos that Maria De Felipe showed on the big studio screen. The actress spoke of her dogs, “All the foundlings, nobody bought,” and then of her passion for dancing: “It teaches you discipline, it’s something that stays no matter what you can do in life.”

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