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“Di Emanuela hit me…”

“Di Emanuela hit me…”

In a recent interview, men’s and women’s jockey Marco Antonio Alessio indulged in revelations about Ms. Emanuela.

Nicole Santinelli’s former suitor, Marco Antonio Alessio, in this new edition of Men and Women, returns to the Canale Cinque studio as a knight to the throne. A few weeks ago He was once again introduced to Lady EmanuelaWhich he handles very well and things seem to be going well.

The rider recently gave an interview to dating magazine Canale Cinque. Here he talked about his relationship with Mrs. -Abandoning some unpublished discoveries. But not only. He also talked about his last relationship, after which he went through a sensitive moment. Here’s what he said.

Men and women, Marco Antonio Alessio reveals Emanuela

During a recent interview with Men and Women magazine, Knight of the Throne Marco Antonio Alessio First remember his last relationship: “My last relationship was very complicated. Once it was over, I had a moment where I no longer believed in relationships as a couple. For some time I could not establish stable relationships. So, after three years of being “single,” I thought men and women were the place to “heal” my disappointment. Last February I went on a blind date with my ex Nicole Santinelli, then I decided to try to attract Michela Russo (ex-lady, editor) but she didn’t accept, and after the summer I chose to come back“.

As for Emanuela, this was announced: “I have always been a romantic and kind man who gives himself completely to the person he is with, but unfortunately he does not receive the same love and attention. After the last relationship, which also ended due to jealousy issues, I lost hope. And to think that at 25 years old I was already dreaming of a family and children… I was struck by Emanuela’s look from our first dance: as soon as I took her hand to invite her to dance, I immediately felt great chemistry. We are two very similar people. I really love her ability to let go, her smile, and her ability to play my game. I’m a person who likes to joke a lot, but I often found myself hanging out with “stingy” women, which is not the case with Emanuela. On the other hand, I know that Emanuela is one step behind me in terms of how she feels and I don’t understand if it is out of fear or because she is not convinced by me.“.

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